If you're an independent mission worker, who are you accountable to?

I'd be interested to know what people think about this, but also what they have actually done, if anything, to make themselves accountable to another part of the body of Christ.

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I think the key issue is how the church perceives the missionary.  Does the missionary just have a job that takes him overseas?  Does she 'work for' a sending agency?  Or does the church send them?  If the church sends, they need to take (some) responsibility for the workplace situation as well as the member care.  I find the more I communicate and involve the church, the more they respond.  That is hard for me because I am quite independent-minded (most people who start a new ministry have to be!) but it is good to become more open and accountable.  I involve my church in funding issues, prayer requests and crises and they respond well.  I've written some suggestions on how to get and keep your church involved: http://www.syzygy.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/How-do-I-get-my...

Dear Mike, Tim and all,

I strongly believe firstly to Jesus Our Lord, and to your local church who stands with you in supporting with prayer at least.

Our Lord has been using me since a year ago within Muslim people, using a couple of twitter accounts, and I believe many have accepted Jesus. I know this results might be considered subjective, while having persecution in many of these Arab nations, it is difficult to make a follow duty of the people. For this reason, this vehicle I am building, I intend to make it a channel to a portal, something like a "Virtual church", where to have closer contact with people who might have taken a honest decision.

This vehicle I am founding will have a foundation form, and as I would be capable of accepting donations, I will be accountable before them in using the funds according the projects I intend to promote and pursue. I will have to show results with indicators of performance which may talk of my success within the final objective and the partial tasks I design with my team.

Please pray for my followers at @ISA_TEAM_ASIA   + @LIVE_AQUA_TEAM

Nevertheless, the Lord has told me in prayer that these 8 k are not representative of the millions of Muslim people who are receiving and accepting Jesus as Only Savior + Lord, throughout many countries, considering we have followers from UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, even in Russia and Indonesia.

Blessings in Jesus.



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