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Re WILKO contact  I'm pleased to say I have now received reply and the gist is that WILKO do not offer a discount for bulk purchases however the respondant said we should contact their charity team direct to see if they can help or to visit my local store and ask the staff for the 'helping hand' leaflet to request help locally. I shall now pursue these options.

also pleased to say a further two boxes of soil meters were taken yesterday to Kitale, West Kenya for use by Ministry of Agriculture advisers and/or leading smallholder farmers.

I'm also think of ways of getting folk to sponsor a soil meter at £5 a time, to enable more to be provided. Ideas welcome!

Thanks Roy

I am thankful for a further two dozen soil meters which were taken at short notice to Kenya by a contact returning from University at Newcastle. I am hopeful that these will be delivered to two intended recipients shortly. Roy

I have been asked by a missionary couple who have been serving in Philippines to explore de-briefing for returning missionaries. This couple are looking specifically for de-briefing in group sessions rather than one-on-one.

Does anyone know of any mission agency - or affiliate - that might conduct such sessions in UK? We don't know where to start looking...

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Hi Frank. I do re-entry days with groups. Can be with others in one large group or just for your own group. See Might be able to arrange debriefing for a group as well (with a trained independent debriefer). Mike.

Have you tried contacting Tim Herbert at Syzygy,  If he doesn't have anything he could advise, I am sure.  I must say it seems an unusual request, since the purpose of debriefing is for the individual or couple to unload, integrate, celebrate and move on.  Usually the only context that a group debrief works, I would have thought, is when the whole group are debriefing a shared experience, such as a traumatic event.  Another suggestion is the debriefing retreat at the end of July at Penhurst Retreat Centre in Sussex, which my wife and I are leading together with hosts Richard & Storm Hann.  this will include some teaching sessions for reflection and response as well as one-on-one (or couple) debriefing.

Hi Frank, do they mean that the want to be debriefed as a couple rather than individually? I can offer that. Or do they want to be debriefed with a group of other people they don't know? They could consider the New Directions retreats at Penhurst Retreat centre (or the Penhurst retreats which Doug mentions) where they can meet other people in similar situations - not exactly group debriefing but if they just want to meet others going through reentry that could work well (as could the reentry days which Mike mentions). I facilitate group debriefing but there needs to be a group to debrief - often it is a team who have worked together.

I  am looking for advice about a visa for India. I have made five trips over the last few years to a mission hospital in West Bengal. Each visit has been for 2 weeks, and we always have been advised to apply for a tourist visa. This January I am hoping to go for three months. The purpose is to try and help the small laboratory at the hospital set up a microbiology service. I have been asked about the reasons for my visit on two occasions at immigration and do not think I can honestly say that I am visiting as a tourist this time. I know that there are various options, but am concerned that my visa application might be rejected if I ask for the wrong thing. Can anyone advise me?


Ivor Mitchelmore

An 'X-visa' might be worth exploring if you can get the assistance of the hospital to help with your documents, here's a quick guide

I understand your dilemma, but it’s a difficult one to get around.

I don’t think an X visa is suitable for you. The website does say that they allocate employment visas for volunteering but I don’t know of anyone who has ever got a visa this way. I would be really interested to know how you get on, and which is the correct visa to apply for in this situation.



Strange Gifts for Missionaries

What's the strangest gift you've received from a supporter?

During my early days (before email and cell phones) when I was based in Australia and working into SE Asia, one of my dear friends sent me US postage stamps so that I could save money on replying to her.  AUSPOST wouldn't honor them. ;-)

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