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Hi Darren.

A good question. We have tried our hardest over the years to both create the right space and cultivate interaction, and we've had some great threads and activity in this community, but I guess many people do their interaction and get answers to their questions in a bigger range of places these days, so this type of focused community isn't quite as revolutionary as it maybe was in its earlier days. However, we can adapt and we're always looking for ways of how we can better serve the mission community, so I'm open to ideas!

Thanks for asking.


I know it's a bit early, but we are looking to house sit in the UK for someone anytime in December 2020, preferably over the Christmas break to the beginning of January 2021. We are missionaries and have not been able to spend Christmas with our family for the last five years and would love to be together with them for this time.


Linda and Chris






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