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If you are aware of a good source for complimentary Bibles for groups of diaspora in an African country, then do let me know,. Have a good friend there who is actively searching....Warm regards, David 

Check out Geoff Rushton on

Many thanks, Alexander. Be wonderful to see this search fulfilled.... David

Thanks again for this suggestion... just to let you know good  dialogue is taking place between Benson and Geoff. Will keep you posted.  David

Such good news! We pray that Bibles shall be made available!

Good evening, Alexandre, Many thanks for your kind note back in July. The Bibles have been safely delivered and are being a blessing. Warm regards, David PS: Think I must check the messages more often....

Thanks David for letting me know and I am delighted to hear this.

Attracted to a quiet/hermitic life?

The self contained accommodation at the rear of our house on the Island of Bute, Scotland,  is available for rent, two miles from the centre of Rothesay. A car is not essential as public transport is available. Would suit a returning missionary, full time Christian worker or someone who feels drawn to a peaceful and dramatically beautiful island life. The accommodation has it's own private access, a kitchen/dining room with a partial sea view, a large bedsit with a garden view as well as a shower room.


> There are seven churches on the island which has a population of 6,400. 

> Rent is £375 per month to include council tax, heating and electricity.


> Please email for further details:

Good morning, Lynne, Have you checked out CHS  Kind regards, David

Thanks, Lynne, Maybe Mission Assist have connections in that area. I've found them a tremendous blessing over the years. One other thought might be to google the churches in the area you are considering and email the secretaries. I found this a great blessing recently in securing a month or two hosting of a friend in the UK. It does take a little time but can be a win-win situation.... Kind regards, David

Thanks David...Mission Assist has helped us many times too especially with airport stop overs....we are grateful for these wonderful people and many others too. :)

Good morning, Lynne,  BTW the YHA are very competitive in their pricing....Kind regards, David


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