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Wanted: Chairs needed for Church in Western Kenya

A church in Butere-Mumias, Mulwanda, is looking for chairs. If anyone can help, please contact OSCAR.

Syzygy has just been offered the use of a VW Polo from November - May.  Anybody coming to the UK interested?  No charge, just running costs and insurance.  Collect from South Croydon.

Very kind offer, will keep it in mind and let you know if anyone is searching for a vehicle. David 

Hi Tim. Just been alerted to this offer, but realise it's a month old! Has the car been taken or is it still available? Have a missionary friend who has just lost her mutability car and is a bit stuck.

Hi Flora,  I don't know if you are still looking for a car. Our son Malcolm has been driving a very reliable 2005 Nissan Micra SVE while home on furlough and will be returning to Thailand on May 30. It has done 79k miles but is in very good condition and very reliable.

Hi Frank. Nice to hear from you. I was enquiring on behalf of friends. I haven't seen them recently but suspect they may have found a replacement by now. Will let them know, just in case.
Greetings to you all.

Hi Frank out of curiosity is he selling this car or renting it out?



We would need a bigger car but I want to thank you for your heart and generosity. God bless you so much!



We are looking for a warm comfortable home between 3-4 bedrooms for our family of 2 adults and 5 well behaved children 11 and under.

If anyone can help us with lowish cost housing or a house-sit we would be very grateful. We have great references that can be viewed here: I am good at maintenance and often do minor repairs around the house whilst we are there.

I am also able to do a variety of work to help with costs as I have been involved in managing interior projects in the building industry and management consultancy (I have a passion for business as well as lost souls).

We are evangelists and teachers of the word and work with local churches in different countries (see We have had a time in Wolverhampton for just over 2 years and have just moved into a temporary missionary home in Redbourn.

Thank you for your help and God bless you


Hello again

We need some legal help regarding deed of trust and property matters. We cannot afford a normal costs lawyer so wondered if anyone knows someone who could help with law issues at a low cost?

God bless you, Steven 

We are missionaries in Europe and have just acquired a small property in South Wales. We are thinking of offering it to missionaries on furlough or those in Full time ministry needing a holiday for a low cost rent. It will be available when we are out of the country. It is in a semi rural area so a car would be useful.

If anyone is interested please inbox me with your details and needs and I will send you more information.

Hi Lynne

I would love to be able to take advantage of your kind offer, please. I'm fairly flexible about dates, although sometime during the warmer weather would be good!. I've been unwell since returning from DRCongo and would love to take a good friend with me. Can you let me know whereabout the property is and when it might be available, and what are the conditions for being able to use it? Thank you so much for your generosity

Chris (Phillips)


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