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I am Henry Mutebe,Ugandan, 24 years, founder and Team Leader of the Orphanage; Henry Children's Home in Uganda.

I will be coming to England in May this year to share with young people about I am doing with orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.


This is an amazing opportunity for me to meet different people and to see new places and to make new friends. Whilst in England, I would like to build links with schools and churches and Children's Homes, organizations and charities or Individuals that are interesting in working or supporting children.


As I am on traveling on my own savings, I will need friends to support me and my ministry whilst In England. I will need accommodation, transport, and people that can help me in terms of networking, sharing what am doing, selling the crafts that the Orphanage is making, and finding me opportunities to share with their young people about meaningful ways they can engage in Ministry sharing from my experience.

I would love to hear from of you interested in hosting me for a period of 2-3 days, as i will be moving from place to place, in my effort of fundraising and looking for opportunities and partnerships for our Orphanage in Uganda.


I would love to hear from one of you interested in offering me an opportunity as I mentioned above so that I can put you in the program as am still building up my itinerary.

You can get back to me at I will be glad to hear from you.



I have been currently working as financial support for our Commercial Judge in Insolvency issues. Could I find among OSCAR brothers & sisters working in these issues? I believe I'm in mission for Christ since the day He called on me.


However, I have been praying for China and the Great Commission in this nation, since about 4 years, and learning Chinese, willing to walk out as tentmaker. As a result of this call, I started to work volunteer in translation for ...  I would like to know which brothers and sisters in OSCAR share this feeling towards China?

Hi Daniel, I am involved in China . . and am helping plan a tour there beginning May 3 - June 1st. Have a look at : If you send me your email address then I can send you more info about what we do . . . bless you - Glyn

Thank you Glyn. I appreciate your prayer on confirming God's call, as I need facts, such as a job as tentmaker or similar, in order to see for our family's needs; for I am willing to go forth, based on a working basis. I know about and serve volunteer works as Antioch Missions; I know about OFM; I know about Asia Harvest, and all these efforts are great. Glory be to Jesus; I feel passion for the spread of the Gospel. I would like to have the means of supporting ourselves in order to go. 




We are on the look out for DHARI and PASHTU Literature to be  distributed in DELHI any one who has them can contact us

Hi Stephen

I've just visited this message board for the first time, so you may already have found out that the best place in the UK for such materials is The second best is

The best place in the US is

The materials could be obtained much more cheaply if you had a friend travelling from a neighbouring country, but, from the fact you're asking on this board, I guess you don't.

You may also find it helpful to know that most Dari readers/listeners will understand Farsi/Persian because the two languages are so closely related.




Hi Everyone,


We just added PASHTO, "the language of the Talibn" - so if you know workers among the Pashto please forward this!!!


On behalf of Stories of Life Productions, we would like to introduce to you...

God’S Love Story (GLS)

  • All New & completely re-edited
  • Optimized for Smart phones & tablets
  • Images digitally re-mastered for a vivid color


A Practical Ev Tool designed for use on Smart Phones, Tablets, & Cell Phones 

  • Share the gospel from your cell phone, smart phone, or tablet using Bible story videos.
  • Bluetooth the Biblical gospel story from cell phone to cell phone so your friends can reference the gospel again & again & also pass if off to their friends & family.
  • Message or bluetooth links to web site or YouTube or Vimeo using What'sApp, Viber, or Phone text messaging where the stories can easily be accessed by your friends.
  • Download gospel stories to your smart phone or tablet from's mobile friendly web site.
  • Use stories in Bible study discussions or in Ev encounters with your MBB friends.
  • Create DVD's to distribute or simply distribute to your friends from your cell phone or web links.


download sheet for all GLS resources...

(Click on the link to download GLS Resource "Download Sheet" or copy and paste link into your internet browser, right click & choose "save as." - 5.3MB)


what is GLS?...

(Click on the link to download GLS Info Sheet or copy and paste link into your internet browser, right click & choose "save as." - 4.2MB)


GLS not available in your language??

Why not help Stories of Life Productions get this resource into you PG's heart language?

Pashto, Swahili, & Moroccan Arabic are in production now, but what about your language group?

Contact us SSL secure at


GLS stories are designed for the Muslim mindset in order to clearly communicate the gospel message in a contextualized way yet without compromising the truth of the message.  Whenever the gospel is communicated effectively cross culturally, you will have objections, especially if you live in the Muslim world.  If it is the gospel that offends, then so be it.  However, if it is our cultural insensitivity that offends, shame on us and may God forgive us for giving such a poor presentation of His wonderful message.  Check the stories out for yourselves.  We think you will agree that they are a very powerful tool for presenting the clear gospel message to your Muslim friends in a way they can understand using your cell phone or smart phone.


SECURITY NOTE (Please read carefully):

1. Forward this email ONLY TO LIKE MINDED individuals who are seeking to share their faith among the local language group.  It can be workers, MBB's within the movement who are in leadership levels, expat believers who want to share their faith, or short term teams going to work among the PG but please do not forward to seekers or individuals whom you are trying to share with.  Please DO pass off the videos to them but not any Download Sheet, information sheet or emails like this one intended for folks working in the harvest field.

2. Before you forward this email, PLEASE EXPUNGE, delete, or remove THE EMAIL ADDRESS from which this email came.  Stories of Life Productions will not respond from this email address but will only respond from which is SSL secure.  When & if you respond, please be patient with us as we securely try to figure out who you are.  We must guard our safety where we live very carefully.

3. For those of you in the USA or Western English speaking countries with significant populations of Muslims, the English versions of the GLS story will be a great resource for sharing with English speaking Muslims.  Muslim mindset is similar across the globe but please follow security notes #1 & #2.  Church leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, and outreach leaders to Muslims are good targets to direct this email, but please do not blanket forward this email.  Please send to individuals with whom you know would be interested in this tool.


Blessings to you all and may this tool bring glory to the Savior, help to you in your sharing, that results in many thousands of souls coming into the Kingdom.


for any resources in FARSI, DARI and PASHTU and Muslim People do talk to me and watch

Im looking for Telugu bibles especially children's bibles...

Hello Glyn, thank you for willing to mentor me, my email is, or   which ever its ok.

Sorry haven't answered your mail, I'ts just I can't enter this site whenever I'd like, only at noon time. Besides, I've got lots of work to handle out. Currently serving as support to our Insolvency Judge in Colombia. Blessings!


Hello There, I am Sehat from India. I am converted from Sikhism and have been serving the Lord for the past seven years in rural unreached areas of North India. God has helped us to plant 5 churches and seven fellowship groups because the people are quite responsive to the Gospel. God has helped me to start a small missionary training center to train the interested believers of ours to serve the Lord.

Thus at present I have a team of 10 people who are helping me in the ministry and the work we began in growing by God's grace. We have registered an Indian Government's recognized society named as "Hope of the Nations" Our website is also under construction.

We are in need of making church buildings, A residential training center and a helping home for the poor, handicap people, Orphans and Homeless people. Any one among the OSCAR brothers and sisters or organization( Through Partnership) willing to  contribute to our mission work can contact us at or

anyone know of any good mssion organisations in Orlando Florida, looking for links asap in this area. I am aware of YWAM and Wycliffe, will be in tis area shortly. Thanks

Orlando is the Christian Mecca East of the USA.  Located here are:

2 YWAM works - a training location in Montverde and a Frontier Missions Center in the Lake Nona area

Headquarters for Cru & Wycliffe in the Lake None area

Pioneers in the Lake Nona area

An office for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse located in the Lake Nona area

Not to mention Charisma Media up in Sanford area, north of Orlando


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