An OSCAR user has reported that their current house insurer is saying that they now have to get someone to check their house every three months for the insurance to be valid so they're looking to change companies. Has anyone got any similar experience and/or advice on options?

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I'm assuming that they have left the house unoccupied whilst they are on mission.  They have not mentioned whether the insurer has reduced cover as well.

It is very normal for unoccupied property insurance to have restrictions to cover and for other stipulations to be made regarding the use of services - especially water.

The inspection of once every three months is extraordinarily generous.  The insurance market standard is every one or two weeks!

Thanks for your reply Simon but they rent it out. 

In which case there should be no inspection requirement.  I have not heard of such a requirement with any of the insurers we deal with.  If we can help please let us know - call 020 8651 7420 and ask for James Hill.

Thanks I will follow this up.


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