We just bought a left hand drive car as we will soon be working in Spain.  The car is not registered in the UK, and we had great difficulty finding any UK company which would insure it.  We have been missionaries for the past 10 years and therefore have no no claims bonus.

In the end we found a Dutch company, www.alessie.com which was able to help.  Perhaps they may be of assistance to other missionaries who are discriminated against by the British car insurance system.

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Hi Jack - thanks for this.  We have known about Allesie for several years and found it useful on several occasions for motorcycles about 7 or 8 years ago.  It's useful to know they are still around and able to help.  The other option might have been to effect insurance in Spain (or if the vehicle wasn't registered in Spain where the vehicle was registered - although you probably would have more difficulty with this if you had no base there).

I don't necessarily think its the British Car Insurance system being discriminatory as they have to register the fact the car is insured with the Government database to monitor uninsured drivers and it's likely that a car with an overseas registration plate would not be recognised.  Maybe the EU borders aren't quite as open as we thought!!


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