I am aware that when people turn a certain age they either get excluded from some aspects of insurance or their premium soars. Has anyone got any advice about what to do about this or which insurance products are good value for this age group?

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Just had a comment from another OSCAR User:

'I am 81 (in mission for 39 years) and regularly use BUPA Travel Insurance. I have had a triple heart bypass and also have a pacemaker in addition to various other “problems”. The areas they will not insure me for are Canada-USA and the Caribbean. Last year I was in Brazil-no problem.'

At 66 I am not as old as Allan but believe that the insurance cover I get through my NW Advantage Gold account is good enough for what I need when I travel overseas. I think it now costs £15/month and also provides many side benefits apart from travel Insurance. I have not had to make any claims yet so have not had any chance to test it, but have enjoyed this backup without feeling the need for any other.

MissionTripInsurance.com have a new policy under Individual Short-Term Missionary Outreach Coverage (1-30 days) which has NO AGE LIMITS!! http://www.missiontripinsurance.com/individual-short-term.html


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