Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Marcio, I am from Brazil and with my wife and 3 kids we have spent the last 8 years as missionaries in Italy serving as youth leaders in the city of Trento.

We moved to UK (Slough) 110 months ago to study theology, and we will probably spend 5 to 6 year in UK. I am studying at Spurgeon´s College.

I am writing because I am looking for a job which could be in secular sectors or mission. I have a degree in Administration/Import/export and company consultance. I also understand about web marketing and marketing.

I really I appreciated in case you could let me know your thoughts in case you know some opportunities.

I am attaching my CV in case you would like to take a look.

I thank you very much for your support

With all blessings


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Good morning, Marcio,  Thanks for sharing about your search for a position. Have read briefly through your CV and will seek to pass on your search to others as appropriate. Are you looking  for a position with a company or organisation near your home on the UK or maybe an online position that could be operated through the internet etc.?  Will be praying along with you... David

Dear David, i was very surprise with your email and support, thank you so much. We would like to stay in the area of Slough, more precise in Farnham Common where we live. It doesnt mean that we can not evaluate other possibilities.

For sure something with internet, or distance would be perfect. I am available to travel to visit the company or organization weekly, and then work at home with a good level of accountability.

I am very open for missional opportunities as well, where I could offer my administration/import/export skills or even as youth worker or social field. it quite broad, maybe too much.

Any ways, I thank you so much for your prayers and help. Let us see where God is leading us.

Have a great day,


Thanks, Marcio, Your boomerang-email was encouraging. Are you on Skype? If so maybe we could link up there to further explore the way ahead. I'm in London roughly once a month or so, thus we could maybe link up there or somewhere along the line. I usually travel by train. Yes, as you so wisely say: Let us see where God is leading us. My email address: and the website for SOI:

Good to see OSCARActive in action as a channel of blessing...

Kind regards,


Dear David your web is huge, thank you for sending me that. I liked it. I read about the End global poverty, that would be great to participate in a project to help poor people with business and community initiative. 

Sure, we can talk by skype, my skype address is ciechanovicz

I am leaving now but maybe we could talk one of these days and for sure have a meeting when you come to london again. How far do you live from London again? 

Thank you very much David, let us keep in touch


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