I am an independent missionary that is praying for the Lord's direction. For the past 5 yrs I have been on and off from the secular industry and am unable to settle in a stable work due to various circumstances. At the same time my passion for the preaching of God's word is growing and have been praying for an open door for teaching opportunity here in the Philippines (or even outside if its possible). If there be any clarifications needed or opportunities, please let me know. I would be more than willing to sit down and be open about my situation.

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I am also currently unemployed and am looking for work to sustain myself. My skills are the ff:
* Web Development/Designs

* Graphic Designs

* Photography

* Writing

* Teaching

Good afternoon, Warren,  Did you find your opportunity in the Philippines? How are you doing?  David.

I have become more entangled in difficult situations. My brother, who I live with and share the burdens to sustain ourselves and our retired mother, killed himself because he was out of work. Since then, the financial burdens and obligations have become heavier and has taken me away from any teaching ministry. The Lord is teaching me to trust Him. Thank you for asking.

Thanks for your immediate response, Warren. Sorry to hear the latest update. Will certainly be remembering you at this time. Do you have a CV you could send me? Kind regards, David. Email: david@shortonideas.org

Thank you. I just sent it.

Really sorry to hear this, Warren. We will pray and do all we can to help you.

Thank you. Prayers are good as of this ti e.


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