I believe I should be involved in some form of evangelism through rural outreach work or care farm ministry within the UK.  This has the support of my leadership team at church.  I have explored a few options over the past months, but either it has been obvious they were not right or the Lord has firmly closed the door. 

I am a gardener with reasonable admin skills and experience looking after smallholder animals, chickens, donkeys, goats etc as well as a little work with sheep and cattle on a small scale.  Have a very friendly rescue dog who is good at providing 'canine therapy' to people who are sad or troubled.  No Bible college training, but a love for the Lord and a strong desire to share the good news with others.  Ideally looking for something no further than 3 hours from South Wales as I am an only child responsible for a widowed mother, but I know God will provide if He wants me further afield.

If anyone knows of anywhere I might be of use, please let me know!

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Thanks for this good outline, Philippa, I will forward to Humberto in Germany who is heading up the agro-project. May I have your email address: mine is: mailto:david@shortonideas.org  and my Skype address is: gbadavid   Will also forward to you Humberto's recent email to myself for you to capture something of the project.

Are you aware of the various farm diversification projects in the UK. I am monitoring three or four of them and they may be locations for you to explore and maybe to become involved. I am happy to send the links to you: Top Barn,[Worcester] Pennywell Farm [Devon] and Noah's Ark Zoo Farm [Bristol] you may be able to Google them ok yourself. Excellent projects.. A further one is The Monks  Yard in Somerset close to my town of Yeovil. The later does not have the kind of project your are searching for, I sense but it certainly worth checking out. I'm in touch with all of them, thus can link you up directly with the MDs if you like.... Look forward to dialoguing further.... Kind regards, David



Thanks for your reply.  Email is phil.rhian@yahoo.co.uk Broadband is very poor here, so Skype isn't an option - I usually have to wave the laptop out of the window just to send emails! I'm aware of a number of Christians involved in various farm projects, but find they have either been non-evangelistic or the few that have mostly don't accept women/single women/people over 35.  The others I looked at either required skills I don't have or were only wanting short-termers of 3-6 months. 

I'll google the ones you mentioned. 


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