• WANTED: Housemates for house share in Oxford. A twenty something, female who works with a Christian organisation in Oxford is looking for other female, twenty something housemates to house share. Contact OSCAR for details.
  • I’m looking for a housemate to share my lovely, quiet home in the South Wales valleys. If you know anyone who might be interested for short or longer term accommodation, please ask them to get in touch. Thank you! Ruth
  • Looking for a 4 bedroom house to rent long term in Cardiff, to start a new missional community with ywam, serving in the city in different areas. 2 family members, a spare room for missionaries coming from the field for short terms to rest. and 4 bedroom to be used as prayer room. I appreciate any info or help towards this. Thanks lovely people!
  • I have a room to let in my home in the South Wales valleys (Blaina). Happy to share further information with anyone who may be interested. Thank you.
  • hello,

    looking for short term accomodation for two. Returning to the UK for a couple of months for medical reasons. Will arrive 11th April - just before holiday homes open up. Will need to quarantine for ten days - could be anywhere in the country but ideally within easy reach of Nottingham.
    Any ideas anyone?
    • Hi Rachel. We have a lovely holiday lodge you might be able to use. We cant get back there at present and so it's sitting empty. Near Littlehampton.
      • Thanks Mary, we've just been offered somewhere in Nottingham for two months - PTL!
    • Hello Rachel, I have a lovely spare room in my home which might be suitable. I'm in South Wales, which Google maps tells me is 149 miles from Nottingham. I appreciate that might be too far, but please let me know if you want to chat details. Thanks. Ruth
      • Thanks Ruth, we've just been offered a place in Nottingham for two months. PTL
    • Make sure you check out
      UK Accommodation - OSCAR
      Search OSCAR's directory for housing and accommodation available in the UK for Christian missionary workers.
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