• Sorry but the lodge is occupied at the moment.
        • Thanks so much for your quick response! God Bless and thank you for all you are doing for the kingdom ❤️
  • Hi all. We are back in the UK for a while, now collecting items for our school and medical work. Our big need is equipment to help our midwife:
    Ambubag neonatal (rescusitation bag), dishes for tools that can be sterilized (kidney dishes), Auroscope, Oxygen saturation meter and any monitoring things. WE might even be interested in a small incubator if we can get it there. But any reusuable equipment considered. Thank you
    We are a missionary family with three young children (5, 3 and 1) who recently rushed back from Uganda due to my Father being diagnosed with terminal cancer and being given just a few weeks to live. He's now lived for longer than expected (!), we are still in the UK, and my midwife has advised me not to travel back to Uganda this late in pregnancy (34 weeks). Ideally we are looking for accommodation in Newlyn or Penzance to be close to my parents, but are open to other places not too far away as we are really struggling to find something locally. We have somewhere to stay for June.
    If anyone has any leads that would be wonderful! Thank you:-)
  • WANTED: 3 or 4 bed house for rent or purchase in North Dorset/Somerset area (Frome) by returning missionary family from June/July. Contact OSCAR.
  • Hi, we are looking for long term accomodation in Ware, Hertfordshire (near All Nations Christian College). We serve as Missionaries in Residence (from Romania) at All Nations College and are engaged in training for mission and member care ministry. If you happen to know any avaialble apartment or house (at least 2 bedrooms - for rent or free) please contact us. Thank you, Mike and your team.
  • WANTED: Housemates for house share in Oxford. A twenty something, female who works with a Christian organisation in Oxford is looking for other female, twenty something housemates to house share. Contact OSCAR for details.
  • I’m looking for a housemate to share my lovely, quiet home in the South Wales valleys. If you know anyone who might be interested for short or longer term accommodation, please ask them to get in touch. Thank you! Ruth. ** This ad is still current as of 1st June 2021! ***
  • Looking for a 4 bedroom house to rent long term in Cardiff, to start a new missional community with ywam, serving in the city in different areas. 2 family members, a spare room for missionaries coming from the field for short terms to rest. and 4 bedroom to be used as prayer room. I appreciate any info or help towards this. Thanks lovely people!
  • I have a room to let in my home in the South Wales valleys (Blaina). Happy to share further information with anyone who may be interested. Thank you.
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