Sending funds overseas

I am a trustee of a UK registered Christian charity, Mercy Mission Welfare Society. Our activities are based in India where we run schools and orphanages. We regularly send funds using our UK high street bank account. The funds are transferred to a charity which is registered in India. 

We are looking for a more cost effective method of sending money to India as we do find our bank to be expensive, and unreliable.

There are several organisations who claim to send money abroad cheaply and effectively.  I was wondering if anyone has used any of them or has any experience of sending funds abroad.

I am grateful for any advice

Many thanks


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  • I work in Europe and Eastern Europe. I regularly lose 30% of donations made in dollars. if anyone has any suggestions to help with this please share
  • I work for The Leprosy Mission and our finance department regularly sends to India. If you email me ( I can put you in touch with our finance department to find out how they do that.
  • Hi Andrew.

    My wife and I have lived in France for the past 36 years, and we use a Transferwise account to pay bills, draw money from ATMs, and transfer money between multiple currencies (EUR, GBP, AUD, HKD, etc) We have found the system much cheaper than "free" bank transfers. The only problem  we have had is to do with receiving transfers from unknown sources, but we can talk about that if you are interested.

    • If they have a Paypal account, the fees I have seen from them are low. $200 to the US was about $3.00. It was definitely a lot cheaper than Western Union. You just link a bank account to your/their Paypal. I believe it works in many countries. 

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