Hi, my wife and I are missionaries in Pakistan sent out from New Zealand. We are coming to the end of a 3 year term and are much in need of a holiday. In fact, our mission (Interserve) has insisted on us taking 1 month holiday before we return on our home assignment. Our daughter is currently working in central London. So we are thinking of visiting her in April 2018 and seeing London at the same time (we've never been to UK or Europe before).

Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive self-contained accommodation, or any house-sit available in London at that time? We really need to be alone and have space to breathe, so would prefer not to share a house with others.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Allen & Liz O'Loughlin

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Good afternoon, Allen and Liz, Good to hear you are exploring spending time in London. You might like to check out CHS

https://www.christian-housesitters.com/ Have used them myself and thus can recommend. I also know the coordinators. Will also circulate the London Network of friends, who may also have ideas for you. The YHA - Youth Hostel Association is good also but I am not sure of the max length of stay in any one  YHA centre. You know about YMCA of course.  Another route I took last year on behalf of a friend from RSA, who was seeking accommodation, was to approach the Chruch Secretaries in the chosen location. Do keep me posted.  David www.shortonideas.org 

Thanks so much for your reply David. I have contacted christian-housesitters.com. The 25 pound annual fee is difficult for us when we're not sure if it will yield any result. But I've asked if there's any leeway for missionaries like us, who will only use it once in a blue moon. We'd like to stay near Vauxhall if possible, or not too far from it.

Good afternoon, Allen and Liz, Hope you can sign up, even with a complimentary membership with CHS. Let me know how things move along with the other suggestions.... Do keep me posted.

You could try the Highbury Centre www.thehighburycentre.org. I've stayed there many times. Email them and see what they suggest :-)

Thanks Mike. Yes, we've seen the Highbury Center. For our budget, it is quite high priced, particularly because we want to stay for 2 weeks or maybe longer. That would cost us over 700 pounds. But it does look lovely. Thanks for your suggestion.

Roughly what percentage over budget was it, Allen? My email is david@shortonideas.org  Praying along with you on this one. David

Good evening again, Allen and Liz, Have just sent off an email to the network of friends of mine in London. Let's pray that some links/connections will be forthcoming. EB David

Thank you David. That's very thoughtful. Allen

Thanks, Allen and Liz, One or two folks have responded to the email from London. No location offered as yet. Believe I may have mentioned the idea of emailing the church secretaries in the area where you were planning to stay. Are you able to do that ... or would be a help if I contacted some of them?

They have some flats which might be cheaper.

They didn't mention any flats when I contacted them by email. And I didn't see anything about flats on the Highbury website. Anyway, we are hopeful that something perfect will turn up. Thanks again for responding.

Good morning, Allen and Liz, Wonder if you have seen any progress with your search for accommodation in April? Have you been able to write to the secretaries  of worship centres in your chosen area in London? If you'd like me to explore that route, do let me know. Wishing you a very refreshing time of celebration. Warm regards, David


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