• You could be our Business Partner!

    A tiny US-based BAM with a wider vision to glorify God in 10/40 countries particularly.

    It began its journey a couple of years ago and it has been steadily gaining strength.

    It intends to diversify its efforts by applying technology & mechatronics in the verticals:

    Information Technology
    Partner doesn't necessarily need tech or even business skills already. They can catch up!

    Partner with these could be a great fit:

    Sound Theology
    International mindset
    Love for 10/40 UPGs
    Invest or can bring investments
    Openness to diverse business paths
    Openness to work on diverse tasks
    Any nationality
    Work from Anywhere
    Partner would also receive shares in the US-based C-Corporation.

    If this could be suitable for anyone in your network, please share this.

    Let's discuss this further, thank you.
  • I am looking for churches in the UK in order to facilitate the foundation of a holistic approach to educating children in a Christian setting. I need the support of a church facility in order to establish a bilingual "forest kindergarten" in either German/English or Spanish/English. Here is part of my abstract: "A pedagogical philosophy of Gestalt-Dialektik according to Gustavo Vieyra

    The objective of Azul Celeste is to develop the best methods in the world inspired by the love and spirit of the spoken word as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of all learning. The spoken word goes hand in hand with a dialogue, a recital, a song, or story, etc. within a Socratic
    process in order to learn in a natural way reading, writing math, Spanish, English, German
    etc. Consequently, our celestial philosophy is to transform the program into an Academy of the Arts where each student becomes a princess or prince of love, hope, truth and dignity, looking for the grace, light and spirit of God for all humanity.

    For children ages 2 to 5, who speak very well according to their age,
    learning may then reach mastery levels that are highly significant.
    With great success, we expect that our pupils will be able to go
    through primary, secondary and high school education,
    whether from India, the USA or Germany
    according to Gestalt-Dialektik
    a philosophy based on inspiration and logic.
  • Samaritan’s Purse UK is looking to partner with national and local organisations in fulfilling our mission. They are looking for partners who can at minimum fulfil the following criteria:
     Alignment with the Christian mission and values of Samaritan’s Purse
     Registered as a national or local NGO or entity
     Accountability to an independent board, denomination, or network
     Able to successfully pass a terrorist screening
     Established financial controls in place
     Established organisational policies and procedures
     Capacity to design and monitor a project using Theory of Change and Logical Framework tools

    Download the full notes for further details and application instructions at
  • Hi Friends,

    We now have a website and would like to invite you all to take a look.

    We would be delighted for you to ask us to your church to set-up and teach about 'The Encounter Room' ministry. 


    Linda and Chris

    • Please update you full website address as i cannot bring it, so maybe it needs a dot com or dot org or something? :D
    • Greetings I am delighted to hear from you and your willingness to train saints,I would be happy if you consider Kenya,I can host you

      • Hi Okutoyi,

        We are very interested in your reply and will be praying about this. We had initially thought of Britain and Europe, but we can dialogue about how you would see this working for us to come and train your people. Please expand more to us about your vision for this to happen.



  • I am pastor Wycliffe okutoyi from Kenya by God's grace am an ordained minister and I hold a diploma in Christian ministry under ecumenical university,I have two churches by God's grace I train pastor s and church leaders am passionate about training leaders in the matters of faith, am looking for friends who we can partner with so as to train more leaders,also have a library where by pastors can access relevant information that can help them in growth, welcome in Kenya and be part of what God is doing.

  • Partnerships sought for Philippines Ministry

    Over the last 3 years I have been leading a successful church that has been rehabilitating serious and dangerous individuals from gangs around Europe, with many giving their lives to Christ through the waters of baptism. This calling is now subsiding and I am receiving a fresh calling, this time to the Philippines. ( Davao City )

    Deception and disaster had struck the City of Davao in the form of Pastor ( Apollo Quiboloy ) who has convinced over 6 million people that he is Christ and salvation is only possible through him. Many followers of the pastor have left Christ believing he is the 2nd coming or the “ appointed son “ and “ owner of the earth “. The millionaire pastor is also sponsoring 3 million children who are recognising him as God, preying on the poverty stricken and vulnerable.

    The Church of Jesus Christ has been formed in response, with myself as the Church Leader. Our aim is to tackle this problem head on with the power of the gospel of Christ bringing as many back to faith as possible with the limited resources we have.

    I am also hopeful that I meeting between the pastor and I could take place, with the aim here for him to renounce his anointed and appointed “ status “ publicly. Which I feel is highly achievable once he receives the Holy Spirit and forgiveness.

    Any assistance on this lifesaving saving and unique ministry would be greatly received.

    Gareth Mangham.
    Church Leader
    Church of Jesus Christ
    Davao City

    • Perhaps make contact with Father Shay Cullen of PREDA?

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