• Looking for people in East Algarve, Portugal
    We are looking for mission-minded people living in E Algarve, in the River Guadiana area, to work with us in Kingdom building here. Contact us, please, to talk about possibilities. Email:
  • Hi all! Pretty specific US missionary in living in Scotland Visa/IRS question. Next July will mark 5 years in the field and plan to apply for the indefinite leave to remain visa, but have been told I need to return to the US for 6 months for tax reasons when my 5 years comes up. Has anyone done this and how do I navigate making sure I am legal on all fronts?
  • Hi there, I am new to Oscar Active, but I am wondering if anyone would be willing to take a few minutes to help with some research. We are looking into specific gaps and ‘pain points’ around the issues of training and support for cross-cultural workers (pre-field, on-field or post-field) as well as their senders and supporters. We are especially interested to see if Covid has changed anything in this regard.Here is a link to our survey – please fill out yourself and forward to anyone else you can think of who fits these categories. Thank you for your help! We will study the results and release a report for anyone interested.
    FieldPartner Cross Cultural Survey
    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Please give as much or as little detail as you wish. Your answers are confidential. The purp…
  • Advice needed on Vehicle Purchase for Southern Africa
    A UK church have raised £40k to fund the purchase of a vehicle for a mission partner in Southern Africa and are looking to purchase outside country and ship in. There are many companies that do this, but they would welcome any advice from folk that have maybe done this before. Please reply here or to
    • We (Zambesi Mission) have looked at shipping vehicles to Malawi before, but there is usually a 30% import duty on imported vehicles. So you would pay the UK price and then the shipping cost and 30% duty on top. Other Southern African countries may be different, but you should compare the cost of purchasing in country. Can they raise £40k for a new vehicle for us!?
  • I think one barrier is having to be online to read messages? If they could be downloaded when online then that would help those of us in remote places who need to download online and then return to our venues to read and reply to emails.
  • Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I have been on Oscar active, but I still get the message board emails. 😊 The Lord has just closed the corporate door in my life. I am looking for opportunities in either Scotland or Wales to come into Community and Evangelism. If God puts anything on your heart for me, please do let me know. Very many thanks and kind regards. Amina 😊
  • Hi there. I'm IT director for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Do any other mission organisations use DonorHub from TntWare ( to upload their financial information so their members/mission partners can view the gifts they've seen through TntConnect or DonorManager or other similar tools? If so, can you let me know so I can ask more about how you're finding using it.
    • Following.

      I think many agencies are looking for a solution.

      We use donormanager, but only for contacts details for personal use.
      Thanks for asking the question Paul. Maybe someone will have found an answer.
  • Personal Maths Tutor for MKs
    I have taught maths (and philosophy) for the last 20 years at my local school, and recently have started distance-teaching (via Zoom with a missionary family) at secondary school level.
    In my upcoming retirement, it is my vision to be able to teach maths to young people in missionary families where the parents (and local schools?) cannot adequately meet this need.
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