About your privacy

We would like to briefly draw your attention to the following issues:

Your identity
In some cases we understand that you might need to hide your identity online. Please feel free to use a nickname of your choice and a graphic that is not a personal photograph of you (or anybody else!). Please email info@oscar.org.uk to let OSCAR know who you are if you do this. Then we can make sure your new identity is approved.

Your Personal Privacy
By default (unlike Facebook), anyone on the web will be able to view your profile, page, events and postings. As an OSCARactive member you have full control to change this. It is worth taking a few minutes to look through the following options to check that you are happy with who sees what of your information and postings. Click on the "Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page, then click on the "Privacy" link in the left column. Under “Who can view your profile page and friends?” and other questions, select the option you feel comfortable with: “anyone” meaning anyone ‘in the world’, “members” meaning just OSCARactive ‘members’ and “friends” refers to just those people who are your OSCARactive ‘friends’.

Privacy of Groups
OSCAR plans to make some groups we create private so that they will either only be seen by OSCARactive members or in some cases just by the members of that group. This will mean we will need to recreate existing groups and re-invite the existing members but we will inform you when this happens.

Creating your own group

We encourage you to feel free to create your own groups, either for your particular interest related to mission or for your organisation etc. When you create your group you will be asked to select the level of privacy. Unfortunately this cannot be changed once the group has been formed (although your personal privacy settings maybe changed by yourself at any time). We recommend that you make your group a private group unless you are happy that all conversations in the group are seen by any casual surfers who view OSCARactive.

We hope that this reassures and encourages you to be an active member of the OSCARactive community. We think it has such huge potential and we want you to feel both comfortable and confident when you use it. You just never know who you might ‘bump’ into to help you take that next step in doing the Lord’s work!