Hi, my wife and I are missionaries in Pakistan sent out from New Zealand. We are coming to the end of a 3 year term and are much in need of a holiday. In fact, our mission (Interserve) has insisted on us taking 1 month holiday before we return on our home assignment. Our daughter is currently working in central London. So we are thinking of visiting her in April 2018 and seeing London at the same time (we've never been to UK or Europe before).

Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive self-contained accommodation, or any house-sit available in London at that time? We really need to be alone and have space to breathe, so would prefer not to share a house with others.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Allen & Liz O'Loughlin

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Hi David. No, we've had no further success in London. We are reconsidering where we'll go. The circumstances are complicated, and we don't want our holiday to be complicated. We are still praying it through. But thanks very much for your thoughtfulness. Allen

Thanks for such a rapid response, Allen. Do you know the area of London that would be best for you? I would then explore further. Warm regards, David

Thank you David. We'd prefer not to take it any further at this stage. Regard, Allen.

Thanks, again, Allen, Will certainly be remembering you all. Warm regards, David

 Wondering if there might be any self-contained units available at YWAM Harpenden? There would be people around, but you would have privacy when you want it. Harpenden would be about 25 minutes to King's Cross I think. I know some lovely folks who minister to Pakistani people in London if you wanted some interaction with missionaries here. Blessings

Thanks for your thought. Its a good suggestion. We've actually sorted our accommodation now, much to our relief. Your offer to introduce us to missionaries working with Pakistanis is interesting. I won't take you up on it yet. At present we are looking for a quiet holiday, so the idea of meeting people in ministry is not so attractive. However, we might feel differently closer to the time. I'll drop another reply here if we change our mind. Blessings, Allen.


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