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Does anyone know of any UK charities sending items to Ukraine. We have a contact in Wales who has a large amount of children's/babies clothes in very good condition. They are ready for the Ukraine but they have lost contact with the  person who was organising transportation.

Yes I do know such. Write to my email from your email address, and I can put you in touch with Ukraine Christian Ministries director.

I am looking for an editor (or two) for book scripts. Not copy editors or proof-readers, but someone who can shape a book for publishing. In particular, I need someone who can deal appropriately with the security aspects of a story of someone who has worked in south and central Asia.

Hi We are back in the UK for a month over December/New Year period. We have to extend our stay as we need to renew our passports.

If anyone is looking for a housesitter around 28th December for a week we would be interested to hear from you. It will possibly need to be near a main trainline unless it is in South Wales.

Thanks for reading


Shipping Bibles to Thailand

From a church in Bath, UK: We would like to send some bibles and Christian resources to mission partners in Thailand. It would be 4 boxes of books weighing just under 35kg each. Does anyone have any suggestions for shipment to Thailand? Please reply here or direct to OSCAR.

We (WEC Publications) ship small quantities of books all over the world. We have found Transglobal express ( to be a very competitive and reliable broker. They do shipment themselves, but it helps if you are based near Liverpool! Otherwise they use such as UPS to get their customers' goods to their worldwide destinations.

Thanks for this information. Always searching for good "shipping channels" - David 

BTW, Transglobal have closed down their channel, so you need to go to in future.

Many thanks for such alertness....very encouraging.... David

Does anyone have any knowledge of Emergency Health Insurance for Brits living in Europe. Our EHIC cards have expired and we can't renew because we are non resident. We need cover just for Medical Emergencies, we are ok for minor ailments as we have doctor friends here.

Can anyone recommend something? thanks

  Is there any body who could send me a good study bible here in India. Would you? 


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