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  Is there any body who could send me a good study bible here in India. Would you? 

Good morning, Abhisek Rai, You might like to check out Bible Gateway which has many resources that you can read online. I find this site very useful. I will give thought to other channels.... Kind regards, David


I’m looking for a Christian-run org that runs fundraising adventures (hike the Great Wall etc.)  to help individuals raise money for charities/friends working for charities. 

The Christian equivalent of Action Challenge for example: 

We can point our supporters that way. 

Thanks      Mark,   Pioneers-UK

Thanks for sharing your vision, Mark.  Guess you know about Faith Launcher. This is an area in which I am also interested. Have done a fair amount of dialoguing and research into setting up such a website. The working title at the moment is The Generosity Channel. Can share some of our thinking if you like. Kind regards, David

A question from an OSCAR User:
Visa Issue
Currently I am doing a master's course in a British University. My boyfriend is going to work with a mission organisation in PNG next September. We want to stay together so I have started to explore opportunities of being an accountant for the same organisation. 
The main difficulty I face is about my visa. My nationality is Chinese. According to the current British government policies, even if we got married, I still could not have a British passport. This can be really tricky as if I want to go to PNG or anywhere basically, I have to apply for a visa from China. 
Do you know anyone in your network who has experience dealing with a visa or can give any advice with regard to the next step I should take?

One suggestion might be to approach Diversity Travel.  They have much experience in visa for travel.  kind regards, David

Offices available in the West Midlands -  Could you benefit from relocation?

A unique opportunity is being explored to make available up to 14,700 sq. ft. of high quality office space in Warwickshire, alongside a thriving Church and Community Centre.  The site is close to the M40, with good parking and close to a major railway station and the space could be available as a whole, or part only. 

Enquiries and further details available on 01789-840655. 

Hi Guys.

Am looking to come to Paris, France for various reasons and would like to get involved and become part of a Christian French Community please? I think it is safest and best to maybe do it that way?

I would also like to learn to speak French whilst I am there, be involved in Ministry of some sort as well as work of course.:)

Any thoughts, any suggestions please? Thank you and God bless. :) Am

I'll message you with a contact!

I have heard good things about St Michaels Church in Paris. My friends have just come back from Paris after several years and attended the church. They may be able to help or will have some contacts.

Our 7-seater Toyota is sitting on the drive waiting for mission workers to borrow it. Let us know if you're interested. More info at or email


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