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  Is there any body who could send me a good study bible here in India. Would you? 

Good morning, Abhisek Rai, You might like to check out Bible Gateway which has many resources that you can read online. I find this site very useful. I will give thought to other channels.... Kind regards, David


I’m looking for a Christian-run org that runs fundraising adventures (hike the Great Wall etc.)  to help individuals raise money for charities/friends working for charities. 

The Christian equivalent of Action Challenge for example: 

We can point our supporters that way. 

Thanks      Mark,   Pioneers-UK

Thanks for sharing your vision, Mark.  Guess you know about Faith Launcher. This is an area in which I am also interested. Have done a fair amount of dialoguing and research into setting up such a website. The working title at the moment is The Generosity Channel. Can share some of our thinking if you like. Kind regards, David

A question from an OSCAR User:
Visa Issue
Currently I am doing a master's course in a British University. My boyfriend is going to work with a mission organisation in PNG next September. We want to stay together so I have started to explore opportunities of being an accountant for the same organisation. 
The main difficulty I face is about my visa. My nationality is Chinese. According to the current British government policies, even if we got married, I still could not have a British passport. This can be really tricky as if I want to go to PNG or anywhere basically, I have to apply for a visa from China. 
Do you know anyone in your network who has experience dealing with a visa or can give any advice with regard to the next step I should take?

One suggestion might be to approach Diversity Travel.  They have much experience in visa for travel.  kind regards, David

Offices available in the West Midlands -  Could you benefit from relocation?

A unique opportunity is being explored to make available up to 14,700 sq. ft. of high quality office space in Warwickshire, alongside a thriving Church and Community Centre.  The site is close to the M40, with good parking and close to a major railway station and the space could be available as a whole, or part only. 

Enquiries and further details available on 01789-840655. 

Hi Guys.

Am looking to come to Paris, France for various reasons and would like to get involved and become part of a Christian French Community please? I think it is safest and best to maybe do it that way?

I would also like to learn to speak French whilst I am there, be involved in Ministry of some sort as well as work of course.:)

Any thoughts, any suggestions please? Thank you and God bless. :) Am

I'll message you with a contact!

Our 7-seater Toyota is sitting on the drive waiting for mission workers to borrow it. Let us know if you're interested. More info at or email


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