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We have started proceedings to extend the lease on our flat in the UK but the figure that the freeholder has come back with is extortionate. The agent that manages our flat has dealt with things up to now but we really need a solicitor that specialises in lease extensions to go into battle for us.

Do any Oscar members have experience of this situation and/or a recommendation of a good solicitor?



A solicitor is not the best person to hlep. You need a businessman in that field.

Dear Oscar members I have a packet approx 1.1Kg x 38 cm x 31 cm x 7cm with 10 soil test kits in it to send for use in Songea, Tanzania. They can be collected from other towns in Tanzania as the receiving charity (COCO) has contacts throughout the country. If anyone is willing and able to to take such item from UK before next spring I can post it to you in UK or will deliver to you if you are within  an hour or so of Tyneside. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you, Roy Lemberger

Tel: 07887 361 211

Dear Oscar Members

 Re above request I have just received a further request for similar item to be taken to Kitale, West Kenya for use by Agricultural Adviser with many farmers. If you are able to assist please contact me as set out above

Thank you

Roy Lemberger

Tel: 07887 361 211

Thanks for your excellent networking Roy. Have often thought of the potential of a courier service for such items. Have somewhere in my files drafted the Courier Idea... will seek to locate it.... Guess you have explored with TWAM..... Will give the request more "greenlighting" thought.... If I planned to visit either of those countries, I would certainly be happy to oblige. David

Thank you for this, I had not thought of TWAM and now await a response from them having done so after your helpful reply. Just to let you know that two packets of 10 soil test kits in each have arrived safely in Accra after sending by the postal service about ten weeks ago, and covering with prayer for the journey!  Roy


Thanks, Roy, Trust it works out with TWAM. Another possible route is with Mercy Logistics.

Paul Reynolds

Chief Executive, Mercy Logistics
Phone: +44(0)1622 236170

Mercy Logistics have stopped operating, but their parent company are still operating, also under Paul Reynolds. 

Pleased to report I been able to find a courier (Uni student from Nairobi) who is returning home for Christmas today and has taken 20 soil probes to distribute on my behalf to three recipients. I now need to find a source to purchase further soil probes to meet the Tanzania request.


Thanks for sharing, Roy. Can you amplify your search for further soil probes"? Have several agricultural-liked contacts. Warm regards, David

Yes thanks David ,I've now found that the household store (privately owned WILKO) is stocking these again at least in our local store and I've been able to purchase 12 at £5, however as I'm trying to get them in bulk at a discount I've emailed them and am currently awaiting a response. (when I wrote to them a couple of years ago I got no response so this time I shall persist and use my Twitter account to try to stir them into action if necessary). There may be other sources available but these Chinese made probes seem to fit the bill well.

Also I'm pleased to report the 20 probes taken to Kenya are now in intended recipients hands.



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