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Home assignment accomodation needed April - Sept 2018

Looking for accomodation in Nottingham for my husband and I for our six months home leave next year. Don't need too much space. Granny flat/annex would be perfect. Any ideas?

MY husband and I are returning from mission work in  Africa.... April/May support my 93 year old mum.We are in need of cheap accommodation near Croydon [unknown time ..she,s not an invalid..but we want to be near her..] Would also like to purchase or borrow a car .Any suggestions

Good afternoon, Trish and Brian, Thanks for sharing about your search. You might like to check out the Andrews Estate Agency site. They often have good deals and the Founder set up 3 or 4 initiatives which are mostly still operating. Will talk to a couple of friends about the car....  You probably know about the Icthus Car initiative in London. Do keep in email is Will be praying along with you....David

Hello David

I did go online to Andrews Estate Agency..but these prices are way out of our budget.Do you have a direct telephone number or email that i can find out the initiatives that you mention

;;thanks Trish

Thanks, Brian and Trish, Here is the link about the company philanthropy project. I will seek to send you more about Speaking Volumes which I believe was one of their initiatives. Another one called Christian Initiative has amalgamated I believe. Thanks, David

Thanks David

But I do not see the link

Thanks, Brian and Trish,  Sorry for no link... here it is:  Had an electrician come to install a new meter... thus distracted for an hour or so.  David

Brian and Trish... here is the link to the Speaking Volumes, one of the Andrews' charities  I will speak with my mechanic friend here who may well be able to supply a vehicle for you. Do you have specific dates as yet? Thanks...David

Thanks again

Our dates hopefully are from April 21st 2018 ..for as long as ???

Syzygy has a car you may be able to borrow for a couple of months.  Have a look at

Thank you Tim

The rentals prices for the syzygy were too pricey and would use up our capital.I did not see any to print about borrowing any vehicle .But thank you so much for the input.

Thanks for sharing this search  - will write to friends in Holland to enquire. David


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