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Thanks David.  Have been on to them.  They sell the Farsi translation, but what I need is a copy of the original English one.

I'm looking for accommodation for a missionaryfamily of 6, preferably in the Oxford area.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  Their sending church in Oxford has drawn a blank so far.  Thanks.

Our house is available in Wales for short term as of mid Aug if any good.

Alternatively, have you tried missionassist or candle in the window?

Hope it works out for them

Thank you Lynne.  I'll pass on that info.  They've tried Mission Assist but nothing was possible.

Good afternoon, Sarah, The Windmill Farm comes to mind which is south of  Oxford. I will give further thoughts and send them to you.... Hopefully later today.  David

Thank you David.

 we are embarking on two weeks mission in Uganda, from 23rd of June to 9th  July  we have collected second-hand clothes to support an orphanage in Wakiso District, we are challenged on how best to ship these items and finance to support this cause, We kindly request for ideas and possible suggestions.

Thank you.

Hi James. I suggest you send an email to several of the shippers listed at and ask if any of them can help and what they might charge for this. Mike.

I am wondering if there is anyone who could help us with 2 nights accommodation in the Upminster area the end of June??

We are flying back to London to officiate in the funeral of an African Pastor's wife who we married many years ago. Unfortunately, he is quite sick so we wont be able to stay with them and are hoping to keep the cost down.

We will be grateful for any leads. thanks.

Good evening, Lynne,  You might consider googling the churches in Upminster. It may well be that one of them could assist. I took such a course for a friend in another town and was very encouraged by the response. I visited their website and then contacted the secretary or leader.

Kind regards, David

thank you I will try that


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