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You might like to explore Manna House in Bromley. Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you

Wanted: House in Wales to rent for family of 6 returning from overseas

We are relocating with 4 children and are looking for a short term housing solution before we are able to buy a property somewhere in Wales. The dates we are looking to be in the area in search of a permanent housing solution is Jan - March 2019. Please reply here or direct to OSCAR.

Wanted: 2 bed house in Gloucester UK area for missionary couple on furlough May to Aug 2019.

A couple working in South America are looking for accommodation from around the 25th April until around the 27th August in the Gloucester area of the UK. They need something that is fully furnished with cooking equipment, etc. Somewhere with two bedrooms would be idea as they would like family to be able to visit. They would consider something available for only part of that time too. Please reply to OSCAR either here or by email to

Have found a helpful possible route to take is to contact the secretaries of churches in the area.  This worked well for a search a friend was making a while ago in another town in the UK. If you can use Google, then you should be able to locate details of the churches.  If I can assist, then let me know. David.


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