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Hi Chris,

we do actually have another slot where we will be needing someone to look after our house and Felix. It's from March 12th to around April 12th. About a month. I know that's quite a long time if you have committments in Uk. But let us know what you think.


Linda and Chris

Our email address is: if you are interested.

Thank you, Linda. Wow, we'd jump at that opportunity if we didn't already have some things on the calendar we can't move around. Let's stay in touch though - maybe later this year or even next. As you make plans and have needs there please reach out. My email is  

Hi Friends, 

We are missionaries with Wec International and we are looking for a cat lover to come and look after our house and our cat for a month from 12th March to the 12th of April. We have a large three bedroomed house, one en-suite with a large basement and courtyard. Our house is in Southern Portugal  on the Lisbon outskirts not far from beaches, In a quiet area apart from a few neighbour dogs now and then.

If you would like to know more please write to us on


Linda and Chris

Hello Linda, have you fuodn any house sitters for your March - April dates in 2019. Thanks from Glyn ( 

Hi Glyn, no not yet
Glyn, this email address is not working.

On Offer: Flip Flops

FREE to a “good home”  

- whether here in the UK or abroad

Various  sizes & quantities available. (Quite a few are brand new)

We have several hundred flip flops which were destined for Burundi. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to send them, and they are still here in Swansea, Wales UK. 

We are looking for recipients who can use these wisely 

Shipment not included (Between us we can discuss how to get them to you!)

If interested then please contact Glyn Davies at 

Many thanks from Glyn 

Hi Glyn,
Are you interested in house sitting in Portugal? Let me know.

Hi Glyn - i know someone who is looking to tour around the world and is looking for such opportunities. She is a lady in New Zealand and we served together before in ships ministry. She is not on this network so i would need to connect you via email.

Hello everyone :

Thank you all for your lovely emails.

We do, however, feel that we want the flip flops to be an on going resource. While we do recognise the need at Street Pastors - we don’t feel that this is where we want them to be used , - sorry!

We have several requests and the FlipFlops will now be going to: Ghana, Uganda, ESwatini (Swaziland) and Romania

With every blessing in all you are doing.

We have sufficient replies, and I will try to find out how to close or delete this post.

(Maybe Mike can help to close this!)

Thanks OSCAR for allowing our request.

We have a pastor family (17 in total ) visiting London at the end of May. Does anyone know of reasonable acommodatiion  with easy access to public transport please?


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