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I think it's too late for James to do his research on this subject but for others who might be considering sending used clothing to Africa, please read this article.

In March, the East African Community (EAC), which is made up of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, proposed banning all imported used clothing and shoes by 2019. The goal is to stop relying on imports from rich nations, boost local manufacturing and create new jobs. For the $2 or 3,000 US it cost to ship a container of used clothing to Uganda one can buy used clothes there, thus helping the local economy. Even if you pack used clothing in suitcases and carry them as luggage, you will pay a hefty excess baggage fee. You can cloth hundreds of orphans for the cost of transporting used clothes to Africa. "These African Countries Don’t Want Your Used Clothing Anymore"



I am wondering if there is anyone who could help us with 2 nights accommodation in the Upminster area the end of June??

We are flying back to London to officiate in the funeral of an African Pastor's wife who we married many years ago. Unfortunately, he is quite sick so we wont be able to stay with them and are hoping to keep the cost down.

We will be grateful for any leads. thanks.

Good evening, Lynne,  You might consider googling the churches in Upminster. It may well be that one of them could assist. I took such a course for a friend in another town and was very encouraged by the response. I visited their website and then contacted the secretary or leader.

Kind regards, David

thank you I will try that

You could try Airbnb as they often have cheaper options.

I have checked this out - nothing in the immediate vicinity for the dates we need. thanks for the thought though.

Wanted: Accommodation in Oxford for Family during August

I am looking for accommodation in the Oxford area for a Christian Nigerian family of 6 for a four-week period from after July 26th, Thanks, Alan Chilver

Hi guys?

Anyone have a two bedroom flat or house to let in Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch and want some good Christian tenants? Me and my mum are looking to rent a new place. I'm working full time, and mum is looking for work. No smoking, no pets. References.

Let me know. Thanks and God bless. Adam


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