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I would like to help people to grow their own food using agriculture-aquaculture schemes mainly with aquaponics systems. I am a Marine Biologist with an MSC in Environment and Resource Management, but my expertise is mainly Fisheries quality control, Supply Chain and Fisheries Trading. I have started working on aquaponics projects by myself, and I would like to connect with other Christians with the same interest to join resources and develop techniques that could be used both in urban and rural areas in need. I am originally from Latin America, so I also speak Spanish and I would like to use these skills to contribute mainly in that region. 

Can you come to Africa 

can you come to Benin

Dear Brothers and Sisters

My name is Idohou Roland .My age is44.I became born again since
1993.Iam in possession of my doctorate degree in divinity,in the year
2001.I spent 7 years in practical training with a chuch by name
winners chapela and divine grace in a missionary work .today having
started my ministry which is to preach the gospel to the poor,heal the
seack .We also care for the orphans .It is my ardent desire to be in
partnership with you so as to have a break-through in the religious
duties .franckly Republic of Benin is one of the peaceful countries in
the black continent of africa .We very much count on your cooperation
and thank you in advaance

Pastor Idohou,
Many thanks for sharing your ministry at Oscar. I am in the process to find out the way I can help as at the moment I have a full time job that doesn't allow me to have free hands. I continuously pray it will happen soon.Abundant blessings, Ruth

The Christian University in Moldova I teach at has a 16 hectares of land that needs innovative ideas to create income of funding and food for the Students as well as teaching them hydroponics. It could become the agri faculty for the University.

Call me 01892 663391 they need ideas, skills imparted and training in marketing



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