I was wondering whether there are any Christian organisations working with migrants travelling through Central America and Mexico in order to enter the United States? I'm asking out of curiosity and a desire to pray for those affected by the migrant crisis in this region. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Joanna. I´m a missionary with Latin Link based in Guatemala. You seem to be asking about ILLEGAL migration  - rather than just migrants (as the title says!). I don´t know any ministries here - but have recently read a local news item about a hostel /ministry in Tapachula (just over the border in Mexico) for illegal / undocumented migrants... but I can´t find the article at the moment.

In terms of other sorts of migration, I´m starting to work with others to recruit and train Guatemalan Christians who are migrating for further education with a missional vision, but I think that´s not your area of interest???.


Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I should've specified illegal migration! The information you've given is very interesting, a good starting point for further research to feed my curiosity. I'm thinking more about whether there are any organisations that provide supplies (blankets etc.) and other sorts of help to those on their journey to the US...but thank you for getting in touch! I'll wait and see if any more information is put forward.


Yes - the hostel in Tapachula I read about offered the sort of support you´re thinking of. I´ll keep looking.


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