Hello,We are currently relocating our organisation office from North Wales to North Yorkshire.We are sadly leaving behind a beautiful building that was used with the vision of giving weary ministers and missionaries etc some R&R from the craziness of life in ministry.The building consists of 4 separate living spaces (one annex, one cottage, the main building and 3 caravans). It has a fair amount of grounds (I will have to get back to you on how big it is) and there is room for different events and group getaways.It is in Dwygyfylchi, near Conway and is only 10 minutes away from the beach.This is a very basic overview of a property that has been in service as a tool in ministry for almost 25 years.Please let me know if you’re interested: there is so much potential here. We would love somebody with a vision to take on this project and make it something wonderful. It is currently on the market for £695,000 but we are willing to take offers within that region.Thank you for reading.(internationalgospeloutreach@gmail.com)

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  • I could do with some R & R! Is it still a Christian centre?
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