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Hi all, I’m Jo and I’m currently on a great adventure setting up a charity called Enable International. I’ll write some info below, but if it sounds like something that would appeal to you, please use the link to sign up. We’re just using the link to gauge interest to help with funding, and to send one email to you when we have a launch date. Otherwise, if there are any questions, if you know a charity that may benefit from our platform, or if you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks!     

Enable International has been to set up to help individuals donate to trusted causes, and to help small scale projects reach their full potential.

Enable uses an innovative online platform (currently under construction), which you will be able to use to discover small-scale impactful projects and to give to a project that you are passionate about. You can be sure that 100% of your donation will go towards your chosen project and that you will receive an update on the impact the project has had once it has reached it's goal. We also run The Hannah Generation (an online prayer community) and so we will be teaming giving with prayer.
Our three promises:
 every penny will be accounted for.
Interactivity and choice: you will be able to choose the project your donation goes to, and you'll enjoy doing it.
Measurable impact: through pictures, videos, or reports, you will be able to see the impact your donation has had.
We can't wait to champion projects and, along with you, enable them to reach their full potential.

Sign up here so that you don't miss our launch: https://mailchi.mp/a0cf9eb5d41f/enablelaunch

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