Hello from Kingdom Bank!

Hello, I wanted to say a very quick 'Hi' as a new member and thank OSCAR for this great facility!

I've recently joined Kingdom Bank undertaking a Business Development role, the Bank is a Christian Bank offering a range of savings, lending and insurance services, one of my aims is to spread the word about the mortgages we have available for missionaries - if anyone wants to talk about this feel free to contact me!

As a personal intro I'm based in the Nottingham area and my career to date has included a period in banking plus over the last few years I've run a social enterprise which supports people to start their own business. I've been part of churches all my life and now attend with my family a local CoE Church, it's a very active church and i'm heavily involved with many activities - always something to do in church!

When i have any spare time you usually find me in my garden talking to my fish! Great conversation! I'm also a long suffering Nottingham Forest fan and I go back to the glory days of Brian Clough!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello, feel free to reply and have a chat!

All the best, Richard 

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  • Hi Richard, 

    Welcome to the Oscar community. 

    Thanks for the information. 

    I will let our missionaries know about your mortgages. I'm sure a few of them will be interested in talking to you.



    • HI Simone, thanks for the message - I'm happy to send more info or visit to share/present info if that would help. Best contact for me is email, richard.dearden@kingdombank.co.uk

  • Hey Richard, very pleased to meet you! Good to know about the various endeavors you are involved in.

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