How were you called to mission?

It's always great to hear or read how God is calling people into mission in the 21st century. Please tell us your story. Did you feel called to mission at a certain moment or was it something that developed over time through various experiences?

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  • Hi all.
    My calling to missions is as a result of a radical introduction to Christ in 2004, alone in the Botswana wilderness at the age of 42. My life's history does not come from a Christian upbringing, yet as far as I could remember I have always believed everything I read and heard about Jesus, but could not bring myself to commit through the message I heard from "the insiders" that we're trying to convert me. Yes, I was rebellious, to a point where it nearly cost me my life on numerous occasions. In 2004 after serious alcohol abuse and a divorce, the only thing I could think of was to encounter Christ. So I went into the wilderness with two litres of water and a packet of Marie biscuits not knowing much about prayer and fasting, but never the less prayed my own kind of sinners prayer and told The Lord that I'm not going back to my mixed up life unless I heard from Him myself personally. Better for me to die out there where no one knew where to find me. In His divine grace I only had to endure three nights before He embraced me. From 2004 to date, I have been committed to Him in every way I can, both through the church and in my own capacity.

    My calling into missions came in 2011 here in Zambia whilst I was working as an auto electrician on the mines. I became really burdened for the rural poor and the rapid degeneration of Zambias natural resources. I resigned from secular employment in 2013 and have spent the last six years, self funded, researching and developing a mission strategy that regenerate the soils (and souls) of the rural poor and at the same time regenerate their environment.

    My wife and I have come a long way in this project and it is close to launch phase. It's a broiler chicken outgrowers project using the chicken litter and biochar (charcoal made from biomass) as a soil ammendment. Our biggest challenge is marketing as each outgrower will raise 200 birds every six weeks. If we can reach out to 1000 families, we need to sell 200,000 chickens!!!!

    Although I am Zambian born, I am regarded as a foreigner because I left Zambia with my parents in the 60's and only returned in 2011. I am therefore here in Zambia, the country of my birth, on a two year renewable permit.

    Our mission is currently in limbo, as we wait on The Lord for an overseas business person or organization that can identify with our mission and partner with us.

    I believe there is a huge investment opportunity here for organic poultry meat export.

    The main challenge the rural poor in Zambia face (beyond climate change) is access to commercial markets. Our project addresses this challenge.

    Anyway, I am renowned for turning a short post into a book!! So I'll end off here and part with sincere thanks and gratefulness to Mike Frith and the Oscar team! Ten out of ten you guys! Also a heartfelt gratitude to you who has just read this post. Please pray for my wife and I to have the wisdom to recognize and engage future partners in our mission, and that His grace will continue to cover us in these perilous times.

    Bless you and thank you.
    • Thanks Darren. That's great to read and quite a testimony. I hope your chickens 'take off'!

  • About my call, I guess I am answering now from a call which started may years ago, like Abraham's, almost 25 years ago, being from the traditional church (Catholicism), I received Jesus and was born again 19 years ago. I've been studying Mandarin for lamost three years or so. However, I'm willing to go anywhere in my way to the end of the world, either as tentmaker or as a church mate. I'm prepared as Economist in financial issues and am willing to serve. I do not have financial suppport of my own, reason why I've got to work for raising kids and helping others.
    • Hi Daniel, Just feel prompted to say - that it is difficult for many people to get 'onto the field'. Yet, many may still have gifts to offer. Administration especially is a gift very much in demand. Certainly in the AVM (Alliance for Vulnerable Mission) we are constantly on the lookout for people who may want to use their giftings in serving mission 'from home', so to speak. I imagine the same applies to many mission organisations and interests. Jim
      • Thanks Jim. The Word to me was given by a Wycliffe Org member who invited me to Alliance Church, called El Encuentro, on a preach by Stephen Irving. Later on, I started to gather at CONFRATERNIDAD church, similar in doctrine to the Alliance Missionary Church. One year after having started my Mandarin learning, I asked the Lord for confirmation of His Call to me, and an international organization reached me, to be their Spanish translator, so I started volunteering with 3 years ago). Some months later of my start, the Lord  gave me an internet preparation with Jim Klaas in "Working your way through the Nations", focused on tentmaker's work. I am listening God's voice much clearer now. Despite of my Mandarin learning, I've been feeling a call (don't know how to describe it) towards Middle East. A friend of mine, working with a non alcoholic beverages firm, suggests me to help their business with a strategy towards this region, and I am working on it, to carry them a propposal based in Instambul (Turkey)  or Alexandria (Egypt). I'm willing to serve them. 

        Currently serving in my home country, Colombia, at our National Superintendency of Societies, as support analyst for our Commercial Insolvency Judge. I have had over 10 years in banking & credit management plus some other time as Project Coordinator, both public & private organizations.

        I don't understand, however, how some Christian organizations "restrict" open calls" for UK or European churches, as a recent post I sent yesterday as International Director of somewhere called AV (which I honetly do'n imagine where it could be); yet I'm willing to live in any country outside UK or Europe.


        CCSM / AM-CCSM
        • Hi Daniel, Could you re-explain your last paragraph please. I am not getting it. Thanks.
          • Yes, Jim, I am going now to paste for you the email answer i received after posting for a Christian international position:




            Thank you for your enquiry about service with *. We are very pleased to hear that you share our vision for evangelistic mission and hope that the information enclosed will be helpful.


            * is only able to directly test the calling of those who are rooted in UK/European churches. Christians from other countries need to ask their national Church, or a national mission agency, to approach * on their behalf.


            Can I suggest that you contact a relevant Columbian mission organization or discuss your enquiry with your pastor who may be able to help you further.


            Data Protection Act


            All enquiries are logged on our systems in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and held for 1 year.  We never give your personal details to other organisations.  All applications are stored up to 3 years.


            I do hope that you are successful in finding the right way forward.  Many thanks and God bless with all your future plans.






            From: DH [] 
            Sent: 14 September 2011 21:22
            To: Penny
            Subject: Concern to serve in missions


            As a result, I have gone to the Lord's Throne of mercy, asking for the Lord to set my residence somewhere abroad,  where I might have the priviledge to serve Him; however, I feel His call towards Asia and East Asia, not really towards Europe.






            • Hi. OK. I think I understand. I was told a few years ago by an American agency that I could not work with them because I wasn't of N. American origin. That's interesting. Don't know if anyone else can comment - why / whether it is right that, missionary recruiters limit their recruitment to certain geographical areas?


              I guess - that policies would have to be different for people from other parts, and they don't want to mix policies. Just an idea really.

              • I'm guessing that people from different cultures will have different needs, difficulties, and concerns.  I think it would be very difficult for a national mission agency to cater to a non-national.  There are international mission agencies that have the experience and resources to do that, though.
  • Interesting to see God calling you through that initial visit, Henry ... and the benefit of being there to hear God's voice clearly. If God really does give us the 'desire of our heart', I think enjoyment is a big part of that picture, even if things aren't easy or always 'rewarding'. Thanks for sharing.
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