• I think one barrier is having to be online to read messages? If they could be downloaded when online then that would help those of us in remote places who need to download online and then return to our venues to read and reply to emails.
  • Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I have been on Oscar active, but I still get the message board emails. 😊 The Lord has just closed the corporate door in my life. I am looking for opportunities in either Scotland or Wales to come into Community and Evangelism. If God puts anything on your heart for me, please do let me know. Very many thanks and kind regards. Amina 😊
  • Hi there. I'm IT director for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Do any other mission organisations use DonorHub from TntWare ( to upload their financial information so their members/mission partners can view the gifts they've seen through TntConnect or DonorManager or other similar tools? If so, can you let me know so I can ask more about how you're finding using it.
    • Following.

      I think many agencies are looking for a solution.

      We use donormanager, but only for contacts details for personal use.
      Thanks for asking the question Paul. Maybe someone will have found an answer.
  • Personal Maths Tutor for MKs
    I have taught maths (and philosophy) for the last 20 years at my local school, and recently have started distance-teaching (via Zoom with a missionary family) at secondary school level.
    In my upcoming retirement, it is my vision to be able to teach maths to young people in missionary families where the parents (and local schools?) cannot adequately meet this need.
  • Hello! We are looking for some Christian massage therapists who would be willing to serve at the Breathe Conference in Switzerland September 22-29, 2022. Breathe serves weary global workers. Please contact me at if interested.
  • Quicken Trust may be able to give some advice on Ugandan Employment law -
  • A UK based charity working in North Uganda, which assists Ugandan nationals and South Sudanese refugees, is looking for some advice on Ugandan employment law and an understanding of the Ugandan and South Sudanese culture concerning employment within families and sponsored graduates. The charity has paid for the training of a medic and would now like to employ them in their charity sponsored clinic. If you can help with advice, please reply here or direct to OSCAR.
  • Can you believe our 7-seater car is not booked out till Christmas! Don't leave it sitting on the drive. Do you know of a mission worker in the UK who could use it? Find out more at
  • Are there any people or places (i.e. conference centres or churches) who might be able to house Afghan refugees temporarily? Please let OSCAR know and we will pass your details on to Christians involved in organising this. Thanks.
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