• Hi everybody, I am looking for a 4 month accommodation in Orlando in Florida, starting this August. I start a training session in Ministry and am just throwing this out there. If anybody has any recommendations that would be amazing too. Thank you so much and God bless. Amina
  • I’m looking for a housemate to share my lovely, quiet home in the South Wales valleys. If you know anyone who might be interested for short or longer term accommodation, please ask them to get in touch. Thank you! Ruth
  • I am keen to start a quarterly or six-monthly prayer meeting primarily for overseas mission representatives and leaders in the Yorkshire and surrounding area. The aim is to start having face to face prayer meetings when coronavirus restrictions have passed. The idea would be that each mission shares a very brief five minute update with two or three prayer points, then we either pray for a few missions at one time in a series of prayer times or for all the missions together at the end. The venue would be wherever is most central for those who wish to participate, possibly York or Leeds, allowing people from about an hour's journey away to join. The primary aim is to form a fellowship of mutual prayer for each other. The problem in these days of GDPR is knowing how to get hold of representatives in a particular area. If interested please get in touch with me by email at
    • Hi Mike a suggestion for you to meet could be Scargill House outside Skipton particularly once they reopen their hospitality doors again, planned all being well this Summer. Look up Scargill Movement - I left Community last September.. it’s a great place to meet and pray! Blessings Jan
      • Many thanks for the advice. We have used Scargill House for retreats and agree that it is a wonderful place to meet and pray. The only thing that I am less sure about is the time that it takes for people from a range of places across the Pennines or across Yorkshire to get to. From York it takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to get to. So it's probably not the sort of place for an evening meeting. The other thing is that I am struggling to make contact with mission reps in this area, so at present I only have a small number of people who have declared an interest in holding such prayer meetings. In the days of GDPR its becoming harder to make contact with people.
        • Hi Mike I am sure I could find somewhere more convenient for you.. let me put out feelers in Leeds. I live networking and bringing people together! Jan
          • Thank you! If you can put out feelers for people who want to pray for world mission in the area as well that would be fabulous!
            • I meant ‘love’ not live!
              Yes I will Mike. I’m in several fellowship prayer groups in Yorkshire and I will ask Scargill to share this request too. Do I have your permission to share your email address with Scargill and a couple of key Christian friends?
              • Thank you! Absolutely fine to share my details - my email address is
                • Hi Mike any progress on securing a meetup venue for the mission prayer group? I’ve put out feelers to Scargill community and beyond I’ll keep you posted. I’ll email you privately as I’m following up on children’s mission /evangelism and I’m in need of advice! Jan
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