• I meant ‘love’ not live!
              Yes I will Mike. I’m in several fellowship prayer groups in Yorkshire and I will ask Scargill to share this request too. Do I have your permission to share your email address with Scargill and a couple of key Christian friends?
              • Thank you! Absolutely fine to share my details - my email address is
                • Hi Mike any progress on securing a meetup venue for the mission prayer group? I’ve put out feelers to Scargill community and beyond I’ll keep you posted. I’ll email you privately as I’m following up on children’s mission /evangelism and I’m in need of advice! Jan
                  • Not yet, it is something that keeps getting put on the back burner. By all means contact me directly, my email address is
  • Wonder if anyone has a linke to resourcing bicycles in Uganda?
    • Hi David some of my Scargill community friends went back there end of last year I could ask them... trust all is well I’ll email you - sorry with one thing and another I didn’t reply to your last!
      • Thanks for your note. Believe the bicycle has been resourced. Trust all is well with you. David
  • Are you a mission worker stuck in the UK for the moment without transport? We have two Passat estates sitting around waiting for you to borrow them!
    The Syzygy Cars
    • Hi Tim, do you have any available in near future? Thanks!
  • Tim, I wish you were in the United States!! I desperately need a car!!
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