• Hi, my wife and I are looking for accommodation in Glasgow asap. We are with Interserve, sent from New Zealand, and will be working for at least 6 months with St Rollox church. We do not want to share a house or rent a room, rather we'd ideally like to rent a 2-bedroom (or more) flat or house, furnished or unfurnished. We can move there from our current location in Birmingham as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.
  • Hi, I am new here but would appreciate some help. We have been serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Tanzania for the last 10+ years and now we are transitioning to the UK. Due to travel difficulties, we plan to spend 10 days in the Republic of Ireland. Does anyone have any accommodation available for a family of 4 (3&6 year old boys) during the 2nd half of September?
    • Accommodation in The Rep of Ireland?
      • Yes, that would be extremely helpful. We are hoping to leave East Africa next week. So, from around the 15th. Planning to stay first night or 2 a Premier Inn near the airport and then hoping to sort out transport to get a way from the city in the hope of getting to alternative accommodation.
  • Mature and responsible MD looking for a flat near Southampton General Hospital. Willing to travel. Attend Church every Thursday and Sunday. Excellent references. Thank you : )
  • We're a semi-retired missionary couple living in Portugal. If anyone in Portugal needs a house sitter/cat sitter this summer, we would be interested in helping out.
  • Wanted: Accommodation in St. Andrews, Scotland
    Do you know of anyone who would like their home looked after for a few years in or around St Andrews, Scotland, for a reasonable rent? A Christian couple is seeking accommodation to carry out ministry in the area. Contact OSCAR for details
  • Missionaries.... This is a once in a blue moon reminder that we are here to provide 'not for profit' products and services for Kingdom Work (Globally). Specialist equipment and services include : Security, Communications and International Development. Recently we've been able to provide a large number of satellite phones and portable modems for missionaries which has helped their work and safety projects enormously. Give us call or email if you need to discuss anything in confidence.
    +1 505 500 4150 | | M Beck - CEO
  • We have a lovely holiday lodge in Sussex that we want to let out to missionaries on furlough, from September onwards. Contact us if interested. 3 month lets preferred as we also use it when we are in the UK.
    • Hi Mary, any chance your holiday lodge is available for any length of time right now or in near future? Thank you so much!
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