• For me, this is my first furlough in 15 yrs. I was supposed to be traveling in the U.S. but I have been stuck in Dallas for 4 weeks. the person I am staying with is a nurse and very stressed. Finances have dried up, so I am really stretched.
  • Hi Mike, We have been advising people to isolate for fourteen days from their return to the UK from wherever they travelled from. We believe that based on NHS and WHO advice that is sufficient As everyone in the UK is coming under more strict rules this is becoming the norm for many. Of course, if people start to show any flu-like symptoms we are advising a further two-week delay after they do so. Without testing available, this is all that we can do. So far we haven't had anyone seriously ill. Only one person returning has so far had flu-like symptoms but not severely and doesn't seem to be in too much danger. of further complications. She has no underlying health issues, is young and healthy. We are giving her our full support by phoning, talking through the door and buying her shopping.

    • Thanks Graham. That’s helpful.
  • I've had a call from a mission organisation bringing all of their people off the field and wanting to know if there's any official advice about self-isolation for overseas workers returning to the UK or if other organisations have decided on a number of days for various reasons?
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