A member of our staff in Uganda is seeking to renew their child's passport and the supporting documentation required is causing some difficulty. The current passport will help provide photo ID but the list of other documentation needs to show address and is not likely to all be very relevant for a child; 

• Non-British uncancelled passport
• National identity card or equivalent (or colour photocopy)
• Visa or residence permit (or colour photocopy)
• Tax record eg a letter from a tax authority
• Educational record eg school report
• Employment record eg official letter from your employer
• Letter sent to you from a central, regional or local government department
• Medical/health card
• Voter’s card
• Immigration documents

Not all of these documents would show an address anyway but even if they did a child is not likely to have many of them at all, in this instance they won't have any.

Has anyone experienced or knowledge of this problem and what would you advise if so?

Thank you very much!

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  • Thanks Graham - much appreciated. We think this method will work for our staff member too so thanks for suggesting it! 

  • I had the same problem a few months ago when renewing my daughter's passport. I telephoned the passport office using the number given on their website. They were very helpful, and suggested I obtain a letter from the child's school, stating that the child attends the school, that the child lives with her parents, and giving our residential address. We live in accommodation owned by our mission. In addition to the letter from the school, I also sent a letter giving similar information from our mission. The passport was renewed without any problem.

    If this won't work for you, then I suggest calling the passport office for help.

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