Returning to UK to have a baby

OSCAR has had an enquiry from a missionary who has been outside the UK for less than two years but is hoping to return to have her baby. She left the UK in January 2017 after being here continuously for 5 years. Her baby is due in January 2019. She is only on a 90 day visa in her country. She pays NI. She has a UK bank account and receives support from the UK. She is planning to come back to the UK but doesn’t know when at this stage. With the NHS clamping down on NHS tourism, does anyone know if there is a legitimate basis by which she could return and have her baby within the NHS? If not, are there any other suggestions for this person? Thanks.

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  • We were recently in a similar situation. My advice would be to speak to the finance office of the NHS trust/hospital where the baby will be born, and explain the situation. I think it varies from NHS Trust to NHS Trust, but if you are UK citizens and members of, and sent by, a UK based organisation, that should be enough to allow you to access free healthcare. Get your organisation to produce an official letter that explains your situation. Helps if you know someone in the system too - perhaps a doctor/nurse at a sending church who works in that hospital who could vouch for you? 

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