Visa for Short Term Team Leaders for Kenya

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I am a volunteer team leader for a mission organisation. I am leading three teams of volunteers in Kenya this year. I am told by a returning volunteer that I may need a work permit. Our mission have not had to do this before. 
I have spent many, many frustrating hours trying to find out if this is essential. Phones don't answer, web pages won't load, web pages take me back to where I started. The problem is that there is no immigration category which applies to me. i.e. an unpaid, unskilled UK volunteer in Kenya for less that 90 days who arranges accommodation, transport and liaises with Kenya project partners.

If you know of a volunteer like me who has done this please let me know how he/she did it.

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  • Did you secure your work permit,visa to do ministry here in Kenya if not can we get in touch so that I can assist
  • Hi. I am new to this site and I see you posted in April? Which means you probably either cancelled your trip, or you managed to get your permit. Anyway, I'll respond from what I have experienced here in Zambia and as far as I am aware, most African countries are the same.

    Here in Zambia you apply for a permit as a missionary. You need a sending church (from your country of origin), and you need a hosting church/NGO here in Zambia that give you a covering letter. Your host organization would generally be the ones who would intercede on your behalf with the immigration authorities and link you up with the necessary authority and paperwork. Zambia permits are now done on line which is a really great concept and works really well, provided your host organization have a VERY good interpretation on how to navigate on line registration procedures! I've just had mine renewed and it was a mission in itself!!

    Anyway, I'm responding just to let you know that if anyone is having problems getting an online permit for Zambia, I will gladly assist in advice on how "the system" works.
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