Our names are Dallas and Lucy Harema and we are a Christian married couple from New Zealand currently residing in the UK on a 5 year Ancestry Visa.  
We both have Bachelor's Degrees (Lucy in Teaching and Dallas in Social Sciences along with a Diploma in Counselling) and between us we have 15 years of experience in management, youth development, social care, multidisciplinary intervention, volunteer management, administration, pastoral care, sport coaching and participation, international relations and event management.
We are very interested in finding suitable live-in employment within a boarding school/halls of residence setting as House Parent/Pastoral care/Chaplaincy.  
Your help would be very much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Dallas and Lucy Harema

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  • Hi I don’t know where you currently are as this is an old posting but have you considered Scargill House Upper Wharfedale?! 

  • Thanks, Dallas, You might also like to consider exploring online about the YMCA, YHA [Youth Hostels Association] and also the Highbury Centre in London. The SA also often have accommodation available. Another option would be to google and see budget accommodation, in London, there. I am sending a note round to my London friends. I'll check with the guest house where I stay, just 15mins from London by train. Very reasonable but I am not sure of the max length of stay. It is connected with the ships' project. www.gbaships.org Could you send me your email address and even Skype if you are connected. Many thanks..David david@shortonideas.org  Skype: gbadavid

  • Thanks for sharing your vision and exploration....for the next phase of your life's journey.  Will certainly give thought to your search and alert folk who might be interested. As a networker, one never knows which link/contact might respond positively... Should you have a CV or similar then you are welcome to send it to me on: david@shortonideas.org   You might like to check out www.shortonideas.org which is the networking website sharing some of the projects with which I have been linked over the past few decades.

    Look forward to keeping in touch....David 

    • Hi David thank you for getting in touch we appreciate it.

      How about if while alerting folk you get a potentially favourable response for us we then send you our CVs??  Unless you're otherwise convinced sending them to you now would be a good move? 

    • Thanks Dallas and Lucy, I've copied and pasted you original post into an email to send to friends and networks that might be able to assist you in your search. Then, like you suggest when folk respond, I would link them with you to send the CVs and other relevant data. Thank you for your rapid boomerang response..... Let's "Knock and keep on knocking" David

    • Thank you so much David!  Whether 'something' comes of this or not we appreciate your willingness to help where you can and thank you for taking the time to do so.  Bless you!!!!

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