How Do You Tell People You Are Going?

I have applied to serve with OM and am waiting for interview in October.  Church leadership was keen that I tell the church as a whole so they can all pray through this with me.  Have started telling people I know well this week and most folk have been supportive, but have had some seriously negative comments and am wondering how I could be more tactful/sensitive in telling people in future.

How would you share what you hope God may be doing with your immediate future in a way that encourages people, instead of annoying them?

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  • My advice would be to pray hard and ask for direction and stay away from negative people. Church fellowship consists of people and people can be in error and not in tune with God's will. Sometimes when we do things for God it makes people uncomfortable. Big Blessings on your calling, go where He leads you. If in doubt read the word and not peoples interpretations of the word...BIG DIFFERENCE. Jesus' last command and words to us include "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15

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