Our IsatPhone2 handsets have a single press assistance button and a tracking button.

Our Inmarsat handsets bypass all ground communications and can be quickly configured to send a pre-written distress notification with your current automatic location to a number of pre-arranged numbers. You could also configure this to give a daily welfare update. The IsatPhone 2 also has an assistance button which, on a pay monthly plan, will contact GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) * (see below) who will assist you in organising the best help available. This phone also has a tracking function. There are many stories of satellite phones having made the difference between life and death.

All equipment for missionary / gospel work has a standard hire price of £1 per day with fast replacement of damaged or malfunctioning equipment worldwide.

You can also purchase to own.

See our website for details. www.shepherdgroup.biz

Yours in His service

Martin Beck

GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center

The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) was founded in November 2007 with the culmination of various 24/7 monitoring centres that individually focused on travel safety, security services and monitoring for clients. Staffed, equipped and prepared to respond worldwide with the push of a button, an automatic emergency alert or a simple phone call, the mission of the GEOS IERCC is to aid in the rescue of all savable lives whether at land, air or sea. The center receives the alert and notifies the appropriate authorities to execute the SAR mission and maintains a liaison with the family, first responders, and in some instances, a user’s embassy, keeping all parties up to date with new position information, updated medical information and any other pertinent data until the mission or call is resolved.

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