Risk and Reward: OMF Contagious Mission

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This video is gritty and honest and will appeal to those who are serious about mission and want to get involved at the cutting edge.Let us know what you think.

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  • I think we were looking more for the Security services/CIA blacked-out SUV look?

    (We're more of a private jet and limo organisation, sorry, I mean budget airline and Songthaw ;o)

  • Perhaps. A metter of taste, I suppose. It looks too comfortable, too slick. I suppose it also depends on the target audience. Hope they don't think OMF provides a nice SUV for their field workers in Asia! But then again, perhaps you do!
  • @Nigel - It was a style thing. Each video in the series was shot moving (on foot, on a boat, in a 4x4). We couldn't shoot this in Asia, and the back of a 4x4 was more interesting than a studio.
  • I like the message, but cannot understand why it was shot inside a flashy American 4x4 in what looks like a Virginia suburb!
  • how? you've got a great job there. keep on
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