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  • With regards fuels..Many years experence in the sector etc...

    Diesel and Kerosene / Paraffin are similar fuels. Yes it is true that high usage of Kero in the tank may cause engine problems long term but for urgent use then a tank of kero is fine although it will run hotter. Mixing 1 Part Kero to 1 Part Diesel may make the tank up. Slightly less power from Kero. With regards Veg Oil . It needs to be clean and of good grade and not stored with moisture in it. Run off the top layer and use that. Veg oil will thicken when cold and cause waxing problems but again it can be mixed ok especially with diesel or kerosene. A mix could include 1 Part Veg, 1 Part Kerosene, 2 Parts Diesel. That may bulk up the tank slightly and enable you to get things done ! Jet A-1 is the same as Kerosene with aviation additives and is of a higher quality than Kerosene. In cold climates Jet A-1 or Kerosene can be added to Diesel to help cold starts and in extreme cold (-12 and below) Petrol (Gasoline, Petroleum Distillate) can be added to diesel to thin it out a little. No more than 10% added to the full tank though. The older the diesel engine the more versatile it is and the more fuels it will burn readily.....

  • A tip for any Brits driving to Moldova, Ukraine or Belarus. Be sure you have the original V55 registration document with you, or you will not be allowed to cross the border. I tried. Had to leave the car at the border for 5 days...
  • Just as well it doesn't get that cold in Birmingham then!
  • Tim, vegetable oil freezes BEFORE diesel, which is a mixture of different hydrocarbons. See what Wiki has to say:


  • Thanks, Tim. Yes, vegetable oil also freezes. All hydrocarbons do so, in stages and at different temperatures. Information is available online. For example:


    What is the Freezing Point of Diesel Fuel
    What is the Freezing Point of Diesel? At what temperature does Diesel Fuel freeze? Also what to do about frozen diesel and how to avoid it freezing i…
  • I believe adding paraffin works, but don't use too much as it dilutes the lubricating effect of the diesel.


    I wonder if vegetable oil freezes?  I run my diesel car on that.

  • Frozen diesel was a problem for us three times this winter in Belarus. Once we were able to add 25 litres of pre-warmed diesel to the tank and wait for it to melt the frozen filter and pipes, once we had to resort to parking the vehicle in a friend's indoor garage for 8 hours and finally we began adding 5% Kerosene to the diesel, which is an expensive but effective solution. Any other proven ideas? Modern diesel engines are particularly susceptible to this problem.
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