Your Foreign Exchange

Does anyone have any comments about this month's article ? I'd be interested to know your prefered method of transfering funds across international borders and why you've chosen it. This can be for you as an individual (i.e. for support or major purchases) or for your organisation. Over to you ...

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  • Have just read this post and thought folks might like to check out This service was set up by a good friend in the Shipping Agency world. It is designed especially for seamen to give them a good deal but I sense could be useful the wider sense. David

  • I personally use an ATM card when overseas as this is the most convenient and cheapest way to access money. Norwich and Peterborough does not charge a fee for foreign ATM withdrawals (although the local bank still might) and does not charge a monthly fee if certain conditions are met. Nationwide has a fee but it is less than most of the other banks.
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