a vehicle for independent professionals

I am building a private foundation which may be used as a vehicle to chanalize independent tentmakers, hopefully where financial professionals as I am could join in a team work, to search for work contracts overseas, and to encourage each other in prayer and individual tasks in missions.

Initially, I consider we would try to look after contracts related with insolvency matters (both attorneys and financial analyst people), and credits issues (areas in which Arab nations have much to learn from western countries); and may be extendible to other professionals (engineers, architects, systems, to help serve as encouragement in prayer,  accountability in own's spiritual targets).   Other muslim nations such as Indonesia, I believe would be also target nations, considering that the Sharia Law has somehow inhibited many developments in financial sector applied to banking.

Please pray for it's development & implementing.

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  • ¡Hola Daniel!  Sounds like a great idea, thank you for making us aware of it.


    • Dear Tim,

      I guess the Christian news market regarding this subject is full of training courses, books, material, trips with or without mission contact, I mean real contact; I just imagine OSCAR's portal would be great to join partners on commonlike professions, as to promote services firms, even with very little support from churches, for the objective is to be self- supported teams.

      By the way, I'm former banker, financial services & analysis prepared, IFRS knowledge and working currently on auditing businesses and insolvence matters. 

      I would like to search other financial colleagues, maybe a couple attorneys with concern for commercial law issues, looking forward to study a "this type" vehicle team or  partnership.

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