A support group for mission workers who are not attached to a sending agency, a place for us to pool wisdom and resources and encourage one another
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  • Hi Folks, I am planning my first time in the United States for the first time in 13 years. I will be in the U.S. from March 2nd to June 2nd. I will start out in Dallas. I still have a lot of lose ends. Most of all I need to find a car to use. If you have any suggestions, ideas or know of any agencies who can help me with this please email me on jesusgathering at hotmail.com or my blog www.jesusgathering.wordpress.com
  • Hi Jeanne, what sorts of things are you looking for? Specific to the US, or any re-entry materials? I have a free email series for folk preparing to go home, and a paid webinar series for those already back. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll see if I can help. 

  • I am looking for help with re-entry into the U.S.  Anyone have any tips, suggestions, ideas?

  • Hi Warren, welcome to the group.  We have a few independent mission workers here, and a number of people who provide support.  We're not active anywhere else but are here to provide support, encouragement and advice to anyone who needs it.  I'm conscious that there are a lot of things in the way of training, support and debriefing that are part of the package for people serving with agencies that independents miss out on, so hopefully we can provide some of that through this group!


  • Hello,

    Is this group still active elsewhere? Hope to find independent missionaries here.
  • Hi Zoe, welcome to the group.  Hope you feel at home here!

  • Thanks Tim, great to see you at Soul Care too and working together. Every Blessing

  • Rob, welcome to the group.  Hopefully between us we can provide support to each other and all the independent mission workers out there that we've yet to find!

  • Isolation, networking, family life, marriage, accountability and understanding are all difficulties for independant missionaries who may struggle with the lack of support from local people and struggle with being understood by sending churches.  We were independant missionaries with the easier task of working in Hong Kong, but it was still very difficult to find people who were willing to walk with us and support us and snding church whilst good, struggles to dal with our struggles.  We now work to provide member care to to all missionaries with debriefing and counselling.  If you are interrested have a look at www.brookbesor.org.uk

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a vehicle for independent professionals

I am building a private foundation which may be used as a vehicle to chanalize independent tentmakers, hopefully where financial professionals as I am could join in a team work, to search for work contracts overseas, and to encourage each other in prayer and individual tasks in missions.Initially, I consider we would try to look after contracts related with insolvency matters (both attorneys and financial analyst people), and credits issues (areas in which Arab nations have much to learn from…

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Local support base?

If you're working overseas on your own, who's there to help you when things go belly-up?  Who pays your bail or gets you out of prison?  Who arranges emergency medical treatment when you're in a coma?  Who helps you resolve visa problems?

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If you're an independent mission worker, who are you accountable to? I'd be interested to know what people think about this, but also what they have actually done, if anything, to make themselves accountable to another part of the body of Christ.

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