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  • They still act as a front page, ( finding and selecting the appropriate insurance ) for church and non profit activities as well. I find the insurance can be more finely tuned for specific needs than other insurers.
  • Thanks for that. Remember though that this was about insurance for mission and Kingdom Bank sold their travel insurance arm. That was why I queried why you would use them for mission insurance!
  • Kingdom Bank, Nottingham is an ethical bank which funds church buildings and furthers community improvements through the church. Any dealings with them ultimately helps the great commission. They will act as a front page and work with you to guide your insurance solutions or investments options. They are underwritten and are members of the various financial safeguards that you would expect from any high street bank. Customer service is great, they are approachable and friendly. Once a believer learns something I believe it is then an ethical choice whether to further Kingdom living or revert back to the old...personally now I have had dealings with them I will continue to support their mission by investing and covering various business insurance needs with them.

  • Interesting additional comment - what made you choose a bank for your insurance needs?

  • Kingdom Bank
  • Great article by Michael Lyon - "The parable of the unwise steward". Reminded me of the lighthouse story about the lighthouse keeper who died after being sent three forms of rescue during a severe storm but refused each one because he trusted in God - not for one minute thinking that each rescue party had been sent by God!  Insurance is often considered by Christians to be not necessary, but it is a wise use of resources to protect missions.  Who gave people the ability to think up and run insurance protection schemes - you know the answer!
  • I'm interested to know how you made your choice of insurance. Did you opt for short term emergency medical cover or did you opt for a lonnger term international healthcare plan?
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Professional indemnity insurance

Does anyone know of any organisations that would be able to offer professional indemnity insurance for health professionals working outside the UK (outside the EU)? Is it possible to get any? Do most health professionals working overseas not take this out? 

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Temporary Insurance for foreign registered cars

We just bought a left hand drive car as we will soon be working in Spain.  The car is not registered in the UK, and we had great difficulty finding any UK company which would insure it.  We have been missionaries for the past 10 years and therefore have no no claims bonus.In the end we found a Dutch company, www.alessie.com which was able to help.  Perhaps they may be of assistance to other missionaries who are discriminated against by the British car insurance system.

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