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Proverbs 31 v 8  'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for those who are oppressed/crushed.....'  I wonder how many of us would take this challenge persoanlly?, the above was part of my calling to mission and God did allow me to be stretched to the limit regarding this but I grew through the trauma and it cost me more than I ever realised, but would do the same again. As a result I saw a little girl freed from her abusers which I thanks God for.

I remember Bro. Andrews challenge some years ago, 'How much trouble are you in for Jesus'. If we address an evil in our society, do we challenge it ?and how do we challenge it.? Prayer , Yes!! but action and petitioning is so important too.? When do we confront issues of evil,? I hear some saying the Bible says we must obey our 'leaders' country laws', Surely when it conflicts with Gods law we should not. Bro. Andrew broke the law by smuggling Bibles , as a result millions of Bibles were smuggled into China and Eastern Europe! And what fruit came from that and still does today.

If you have time click on this above  link that my son sent me from his voice for the voiceless DTS with YWAM, it shows what happened when a young man challenged the evil he saw in Uganda  (Joseph Kony), the world can be changed, this video blew me away.

Thousands are dying in North Korea of starvation, innocents in prison, the'' problem is to big some say, How can I make a difference?' I say 'Think of the starfish story' if u dont know it, let me know, Its basically making a difference to even just one, Its worth it! 

How will we use our voice today?

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  • I am sure most of you are aware of this, but for any who aren't, the Open Doors website has a campaign section, where you can find out how to help with various situations around the world.  It's a good place to start if you want to do something but don't know how.  You can also sign up for advocacy emails so they can get in touch if there is a particular need. 

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